Tuesday, January 15, 2013

juke box baby

i have been listening to a lot of music lately but something seems different. i have been drawn to some things i listened to a lot when i was younger with some new old ears. it feels good. these are those things.

i recently found a cassette tape of this at a garage sale. i also recently bought a car that has a cassette tape player in it and i have driven around in the snow listening to this song. the first time i heard this song it was snowing and i was driving to the dentist and i think i was 19. that is a nice memory and i think this song sums up a certain part of my heart and brain in a perfect way. i went to a beck concert in  indianapolis in 1993 with my friend aaron and trumans water and karp opened up.  i remember thinking his bass player was gg allin but it was, in fact, not gg allin. i was much too young to understand what was happening.

i love this song and this record so much and in so many different ways it hurts. this has probably had too much influence on my life than it should. major moments were had to this soundtrack in england, indiana, and oakland. i am very into subjective personal importance. let's talk about it sometime.

just recently got this, but if this was a piece of food it would be burnt wheat toast with strawberry jam. i love it because it's almost terrible but it is actually magnificent. that is the best kind of thing.

i bought this cd before i knew who daniel johnston was and i barely knew who mo tucker was. this is very beautiful and it has been nice to forget about it then rediscover that it exists. postive vibes, man, we need them.

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fawn said...

i'm sure you've seen the devil and daniel johnston? so good.