Monday, August 18, 2014

blankness possibilities and surprises

hello. today i am sharing with you a project that i've been working on for a while in collaboration with Plumb Goods, designers Mcfadden & Thorpe, and head project guru Tucker Nichols. the deal is this: we dreamed up a group of notebooks or sketchbooks or blank books or whatever you want to call them, hid all kinds of secret art things in them (which i am not showing here because we all love discovering and looking and finding) and then made them. and i am stoked on them.
here i will show them all to you and maybe you can go to the plumb site and look at the ones some other artists made, all of which are special in their own way. ok here we go:
 this is the WAKING WAITING WALKING set of three notebooks
one for when you wake up. 
one for when you are waiting for something. 
one for when you are walking around.
they ar all bound differently... 
like a regular book
like a journalist's pad
like a landscape
 and it comes with an accordian fold out book of a drawing i made about the notebooks
 here they are
that gold stamping came out rad
and each book or set of books comes with an interview card where i talk about stuff
katie took that photo in terri's backyard a year or two ago

and now this one:

 this one is the fake book one
you know me: i love fake books
so i made some real ones
 each sketchbook, a nice hardbound thing, comes with two double-sided book covers for a ttoal of four fake books you can look like you are reading or drawing in so you can look smart or dumb or whatevber these things are supposed to make you look like
 here they are
and here it is open 
it really is a nice feeling thing

and we made some inside art and some surprises. 
lots to look at i promise

 and look: another interview card

and then this one:
 this one is record size
and the idea is maybe to use it while you are listening to records
or you can keep it with your records
 and everyone loves inserts with their records so we made some
 here's the pad
 here's a fold-out poster
 here's a mail-order catalog
and here's another interview card 
with a photo by andrew hutchison 
from a show i did at big car in indianapolis indiana

and remember there are secret art things in each one
so please take a look
because we made these for you
and we hope you like them