Monday, January 28, 2013

imagined anthems

late last year i worked on the artwork for volume five an ongoing series of compilations of guitar music for the Tompkins Square label. i had freedom to do pretty much whatever i wanted so i did a little photo session in the side yard and then drew some letters and symbols to put on top of the photos. i made the frame from an illustration in a really old book of sheet music. the symbols are based on some images from a chart of hobo symbols from the early part of the century and some of them are made up. that is my girlfriend katie's hand. i tried to use mine but it was too wrinkly and weird. i was going to make all the lettering and writing a metallic gold color, but after a freak out at the printer we decided to keep it simple and go black and white, which i think looks way better anyway. i wanted it to look like it came from the 1870s and the 1970s at the same time. if you see this cd at your store, pick it up because it has some beautiful and messed up guitar music on it. and it is good to have physical things sometimes. below are some images from the packaging, minus liner notes (which are great) and the tracklist but that is easy enough to find if you are looking at this because that means you are on a computer and have the ability to look things like that up. take a look at these things then carry on with your business. 
sometimes you gotta make the things you wanna see. 
i wish i had a poster of this photo with the writing on it, all tattered and on it's way to dust.
this is like, the third best thing i've ever done, this picture.
"you will get cussed out here"
i made this one up but let's say it means "i left you a weird blanket under the porch where the dog lives"

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