Monday, May 31, 2010

bubble wrap express

what? just a fully professional-double-bubble-wrap packing job. no big whoop. typical monday at c.a. headquarters.

piggyback them dogs


don't shake the baby

this just in: sick gradient luna tote bags printed by the man himself (not me, him). hot for summer!

and lastly:
today is a day of gentle maintenance.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the big theater next to the big hole in oakland

i did some art for a new record by a band called grand lake

i think it comes out today. nice guys, rad record.
i think they are playing the fillmore tonight.

and i am stoked on how it all came out.
why not check it

Friday, May 21, 2010

day relief

thinking of wanting to get back into some woodcut stuff. did a bunch of it college and now i'm feeling the fire again. i had the chance to do one again recently and it felt good. keeping my eyes peeled for a residency in wood somewhere. ideas?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

econo infinite

i'm always coming back to Watt. it seems that whatever personal journey and growth i stumble into, i can find some kind of example or inspiration with this dude. this time, apart from the always stunning thunderbroom explorations, it's his daily practices that i'm particularly stoked on. he's got an art show of a bunch of photos that he's taken while on sunrise missions out in the waves. it's not so much about the photos, it's about being the pedaler and the paddler and these images being sort of proof and tracks of all that. the Daily Practice proper is something i'm trying to get a hold of again, and hopefully, being able to someday get to the point where there's no need for the proof or the tracks anymore in and of themselves as artworks or whatever, but as way to connect to others in much the same way i'm connecting to the Spirit Of Watt: the images become the electrical cord to let the electricity flow, not the lamp itself.

here's something about that:
"I was in love w/early morning but never thought of taking pictures. you know, pedro faces east - much different than the other so cal water towns and that's what we got: sunrises and not really sunsets. I started paddling maybe seven years ago. I love my kayak and it's above-the-waist action so it gives my knees a break (I paddle tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays) - I had surgeries on them in my early twenties (I'm fiftytwo now) cuz I was born w/them bad (gift from my pop's danish ma) and fuck, my pop was a sailor - an engine room cat (chief, machinist mate) so why not be my own engine room? so I'm a paddler besides a pedaler. I have a waterproof camera for when I'm in the 'yak and then one for pedaling I carry in kind of a purse the goes over my shoulder crosswise."

and another thing:

this is what it sounds like, man!:

and speaking of photos and good vibes:
danielle has a great new site to showcase her amazing photography.
look at it

Friday, May 7, 2010

phone in

while i'm in sunny southern california hanging out with all kinds of buds new and olde, take a look at this great video about sonny smith's grand project "100 records" which will be explained if you watch it. featuring the work of some of my favorite artists in the world and some of my favorite people who in some cases are also my favorite artists.

these are the ones i made and previously posted on the blog here with no explanation. now it can be told!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

well-laid plans

available to the experience?
working on it


i just found this drawing i did for a poster that never got made about 3 and a half years ago. don't judge me.