Sunday, January 27, 2013


my friend maggie and i drove to columbus, ohio on friday night to go see bonnie "prince" billy play music.  i'm sure i have mentioned that i recently read "will oldham on bonnie prince billy", the book length interview he did with alan licht that i found very inspiring and soothing. so this was prime time. you know there can be this month-long window when you are really tapping into somebody's songs and that's when you want to see them. and that's what was happening. we ate a bunch of pizza to carb-load for standing around. and i must say that it was incredible. all my jams were played. mr. oldham was in fine spirits, a positive energy was radiated. his cohorts (2) were sympathetic and confident. you know what? this guy knows what's up. he's sending it out and feeling it all at the same time. i want you to share this with me but i am unsure if that is possible. it could be anybody, but at this moment it was bonny billy.

i am just into people taking these things seriously and allowing themselves to feel it. i don't want you to half-ass it, man. i am  a grown man with grown man needs and those needs are to cut the shit and get down to it and show me what it is to be a human in your brain and how does that relate to my brain and body and if that clicks, that's what it is for.

videos are cool but they aren't the same as being i na room with other people. it's a representation, the map is not the territory. maybe you really should start that band or paint that picture or write that book because one day you will be almost dead and you will wish you would have. but don't forget to have fun and laugh at stupid things, because that is what it is all about too.

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KC said...

oh how I love will oldham. I bought him a kombucha when he came into the restaurant I worked at in Denver 5 or so years ago. He started to give me a "why are you buying my kombucha for me, weird stranger?" look, but then just said "hey thanks man" because I think he could tell from my expression that I really wanted to buy him his drink so I could share the story with friends, family, and favorite blogs. The show later that night was amazing. He took off his pants. Great times.

Anyhoo, you're totally right. That dude sends it out and feels it all at the same time and it's a beautiful thing.