Thursday, February 25, 2010


possible text for hair promotional/protest image:
-get a haircut
-grow your hair real long
-comb your hair
-end wigs

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

banana shout

lobot-alumni bro mark taylor has a new website here and it reminded me why mark is awesome. his drawings are very MARK if you know mark but don't leave you left out if you don't. we've worked on a bunch of stuff together in the past several years, especially when we lived down the hallway from each other at the lobot. i stole some photos off his website of the last thing we did together last year. we made a background cityscape and backdrops for a bunch of work from the Center For Creative Growth in oakland. it was really fun and mark is quite possible the least-lazy person i know.

notes on doors

•buddy nuggets passed along this classy time capsule above of sam flax and i performing some tunes along with some projections we also made. 2005? cosmic woodgrains!

here's an article about the spot in chicago at which there will be a pot luck brunch closing reception for the art show NOWS by myself. there are some nice photos of the space and some drawings that i have not put on the blog here. the self-promotion never stops around here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


following the quickest, weirdest, and most stressful trip to california to date it is good to be back in the familiar surroundings of:

leftover hamburger puzzle with missing pieces (me and katie finished this in just under 5 episodes of law and order. this thing is 3 foot square!)


the inspiration cork-board

sometimes it's good to take a rest between things. be better to yourself.
you deserve a break today! go do take a walk and don't listen to the walkman or watch tv or be on the computer or make anything for 5 minutes. actualize the be!

Monday, February 8, 2010

pictures from an exhibition

bedroom library


y2k rsvp byob wtf la

will kick off their highly anticipated, inaugural exhibition featuring original artwork by 40 of its artist collaborators.

The 2K t-shirt line, which began in Japan, was sparked by a passion for art and a mission to bring the arts to a larger audience. An initial journey to the US to seek out original artistic images was met with frustration as the majority of t-shirt prints failed to move beyond highly recognizable, mainstream artists. This experience launched the quest to bring a broader scope of artists into the public eye, thus establishing the roots of the 2K artist t-shirt editions.

Together with New Image Art gallery in Los Angeles, 2K By Gingham will showcase the work of 40 artists from the t-shirt line for their premiere US Exhibition and Pop-Up Shop. Included will be well-known artists such as Milton Glaser, Janette Beckman, Deanne Cheuk, and David Shrigley in addition to many talented, up-and-coming artists in the spirit of 2K By Gingham.

The Pop-up shop will contain collections from past seasons as well as the new Woman’s Line, which debuts this spring, and other exciting paraphernalia from the artists.

Please join us for an evening of art, celebration, and 2K By Gingham t-shirt shopping. For the first two hours of the evening, Mezcal and Tequila tasting will be available, courtesy of Metl Reserva Especial. Throughout the night, drinks will be provided by Primo Beer, Hawai’i’s original beer.’s Hoseh and DJ Nobody will generously supply the evening’s music.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

la la

oh man! i found this song on another blog out there and it is what i need! just like i need more of minardi's toaster/egg poacher/fake meat warmer creations!