Thursday, March 27, 2008

sell out

i'm on the move right now. more to come soon.

calendars are sold out. sorry. maybe another one soon? thanks for everybody that ordered one. i heard the post office was a little brutal on some of them, so let me know if they got screwed with in transit.

Monday, March 24, 2008


subverting the dominant paradigm of skateboard propulsion since forever.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

vision creation footlong

i went to see the boredoms play last night. yes, it was mindblowing and the boredoms are the best band in the world.

one thing i really like about the fillmore besides their ridiculously overpriced beer, overzealous employees, and questionable poster art (sorry, fillmore poster designers 1990-present. yipes!) is how they make menus specific to the night's act. for example, for the boredoms, they offer nachos, veal, something called "the manhole cover", and, my favorite, the chili cheese dog. oh, and thanks bartender for implying that my friend might have herpes and that i shouldn't let her sip my beer! that was awesome!

all joking aside, the boredoms are the best band on the universe and you should go see them play.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

not for nothing (pt. 2)

carry on, pilgrim.

"The Tears Of Pipe Jackson Junior"
Plate 4 from Volume Two of the four volume autobiography of Pipe Jackson.

same as before.

Monday, March 17, 2008

not for nothing (pt. 1)

i am finishing up a series of silkscreens for a show i am having in april.
this particular series is called "Ideas For Things" and it's about the idea of potential and the full-realization of an idea in a rough and raw rendering. a sketchbook drawing made epic in scale. more on this later when the manifesto is all finished. i am half-way joking. this is the first 2 of 8. they are:

"Petal To The Metal"
a peace poster, and anti-industrial plea. also, depending on your outlook, a manifestation of pessimism and futility. but let's try to keep on the bright side. power to the pinkie.

"The Agony And The Ecstacy"
this is the cover for a fake book of philosophy. or perhaps a previously unknown work by a german existentialist. or just a reminder of that never-ending balance. yes, i know i misspelled that word. get into it.

me: dude, that third song is my jam.
bro: i know. it's so emo.

these prints are in editions of 25. black ink on white acid free paper, 18x24.
if you're interested in purchasing one before the show, let me know and we can work it out. they're on the cheap side. for the kids.

more to come.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

back to the gnome

as if this week wasn't already filled with enough madness, now there is this:

the good people at YES PRESS in emeryville have begun a line of artist's shirts, and they chose me as one of the first. i am honored! this particular design is called BONE OF THE GNOME, a concept with which i have recently become enamored.

this drawing was originally done in a sketchbook in big sur, while hippies milled about eating cheeseburgers and sipping anchor steams. my good friend aaron and i were sitting on a porch, surrounded by redwoods, attempting to make the most ridiculous/amazing cosmic drawing of all time. this is the result. (i believe aaron's contribution was, "dude, draw a pyramid eye astral projecting another eye!"). yes, that is a yeti frontside boardsliding on an eagle's wing, as it clutches a writhing salmon, being watched by the pyramid illuminati eye, as a flying dolphin passes the dutchie to the yeti, and it begins again. it's called the circle of life, friends.

the talented elves at YES PRESS took this drawing, made it technicolor and delivered it through millions of small mesh squares onto fabric in the form of a tee shirt. if you like this, if you like beautiful craftsmanship and a do-it-yourself ethos of making good stuff happen: support YES PRESS by going here and checking out all the other shirts now available. did i mention it's limited edition? it is. there is also another color of shirt and a women's cut muscle shirt version. nice.

(but wait, you say, there's not even a gnome or a bone in this drawing. look inside your heart. it was there the whole time. you're welcome.)


Monday, March 10, 2008

the end all


a long long time ago i started The Print Of The Month Program. it was a series of prints (6), limited edition and hand-made artifacts that would appear at semi-regular intervals for a bargain price. there were subscriptions, there were naysayers. there was shipping nightmares, there was refunds. there were tears of joy and thumbprints on the address labels.

well, it's taken me over a year to get all 6, but here is the final installment, the ALWAYS LATE IN 2008 BUT JUST IN TIME FOR 2009 march to march calendar. i'm late on things a lot. a lot. and this is no exception. who waits until march to make a calendar? but this one is different: it's from march 16th (next sunday) of this year to march 15th of next year (2009). so essentially i'm right on time.
it's full of ridiculous critters and hidden little nuggets that i'm sure will satisfy every earthly desire you may have in the next year.

these are offered again at the bargain price of $25 including shipping. there are a few places you may be able to pick one up if you live in san francisco, new york, or los angeles, but the best way to get it is from me now.

it's a limited edition of 50 silkscreen prints, signed and numbered. red ink on 140lb fabriano paper. 16 x 22 inches.

all you gotta do is email me at crookedarm (at) or paypal me (my username is: nb_russell (at) include your shipping address and i'll get them all sent off this week.

if you live outside the US, add another $5 and some extra patience as so far overseas shipping has been spotty at best. sorry all you foreigners, it has been an experience for sure.

so i'm through with the regimented schedule of prints that i couldn't stick to anyway. every now and then i'll put some new stuff up and offer it out at the same deal. soon i'll have some prints from my solo show coming up in april.

thanks again for all the support and encouragement from everybody who reads this blog. i really appreciate it and your patience when the shipping problems happened and when it took me 4 months to finish a print.

and subscribers: your prints are in the mail along with your special bonus subscriber only super special item of interest.

thanks again,

Thursday, March 6, 2008


it's been hectic to say the least. we were supposed to open the gate in two thousand eight, but mostly i'm just late in two thousand eight.
but i'm gonna have some surprises early next week. black and white surprises.