Friday, February 29, 2008


sonny sharrock and keith haring? dude.

now to take the edge off... it's called chilling.

and maybe a little gumby.

welcome weekend!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

color bleed

so some of my best friends are in a band called call and response. or they were, as call and response seems to be on indefinite hiatus. but about a year or two ago they started getting big in brazil. and brazil wanted a video. so myself and trevor tuttle were assigned the task. it took 3 or 4 full days of prop making and shooting, a few hundred bucks, a rad camera that trevor borrowed from a friend that uses different colored lenses from an old tv projector, and trevor's mad editing and shooting skills. but here it is, way too late to do anybody much good. but i still think it's fairly sweet.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

thing thing

poster for a show i'm finishing up for april.
it's called "THING."
danielle helped me with the photos by taking the actual photos while i stood around and tried to think something up. it's called "collaboration." there will be 3 or 4 other ones in the show, along with drawings, prints, and a wall painting.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hand in hand

tomorrow night, wednesday, if you are in san francisco you should go to the richmond district and see some art by my good friends simone rubi, terri loewenthal, alissa anderson, and yoko ono (we are tight). i'm sure everyone has cooked up some madness for the show. here's even more information:

Park Life and Noise Pop are proud to announce the Second Annual Noise Pop Art Show.

Sights of Sounds
Works of art from the music community

Feb 27th - Mar 25th

Opening Reception
Wed Feb 27th
7pm to 10pm

Building on the success of last year's show, Park Life and Noise Pop are pleased to present the second annual Sights of Sounds Art Show, featuring original art created by the music community. This year's show features a line up of photographers, painters, illustrators and includes a special installation by Yoko Ono. Other artists include Jim Jocoy, Wesley Willis, Alissa Anderson, Andrew Paynter, Terri Lowenthal, Simone Rubi , Alex Tehrani, Peter Ellenby , Tuffy, Brendan Kiefer, Amanda Walker, Ally Trigg and Johnnie Cluney.

wave builders

went to santa barbara to work on some pictures with danielle and adrian. always a treat and inspiration to be in their zone and ride the bone of the gnome.

this is my bed when i visit. yes, that is the ocean through the trees. thank god i moved to california.

there was a storm the night before and everyone in town was freaking out on the big scary waves. this was right before a big one came in and swept my bag, hat, and tape recorder out to sea.

storm cloud cometh and goeth.

whiteness in the woods. prep for the picnic ghost.

blurred out, waved out.

cusp sitter.

enter the center part deux.

not really. but, yes.

are you in new york? go see danielle's show that opens this saturday in brooklyn at pocket utopia. it will be far beyond your typical photo show, the environment that she and adrian have created to surround and present the photos is a stunner in and of itself. bring a record to play on adrian's portable turntable (diy DJ) and admire the COAST.

Friday, February 22, 2008

heavy belly

not sure if these are still around anywhere, but a few years ago i did covers for a bunch of public domain recordings. this was my favorite one.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

the big eye

eric sent me a video of a tv show some people made about the company i made a bunch of skate graphics for. keep your eyes peeled for a big ol' komische kreep eye on the wall in the rear. science!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


happy birthday to my friend chris vorhees.

one of my favorite artists and musicians. here is one of my favorite drawings of his that somebody bought out from under me. stacks, man, stax.

the star of a crucial and pivotal chapter of my life. pictured is a sculpture: a beverage holder. note cozy. that holder is made of bent plywood that he steamed himself in his homemade wood steamer. diy eames.

and a swell chap.

he also does cool stuff like this.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ink of the squidz

all of these dudes: big in japan.
attention japanese reader(s): bring me to your beautiful land. it will be great.

wiser words have never been spoken. or painted on a window.

Monday, February 11, 2008

this is the smoke inside of you

it was my birthday a week ago. it was nice to see friends and hang out and get old. things just get better and better and weirder and weirder.
i got an amazing gift from my buddy felix. felix is the son of my friends terri and jason, and is known for being an amazing primal drummer, train enthusiast, and having particularly lucid visions of the nature of things. he did this drawing for me, then dictated the meaning of each portion so that i could better understand. essentially, felix was able to put into words and lines some things that concern all of us, and also convinced me of his telepathic abilities. little dude read my mind. and he gave me the title of a large drawing that i'm going to make and end up having to give to him. because it's not cool to lift titles from a toddler and profit from it. felix is the real deal.
david johnson once told me something to the effect that every kid is a better artist than every adult. i think this is true.


i'm getting ready for a show that i have in indiana in april.
something i've noticed lately, my sketchbooks get filled with more and more words and less and less drawing. i used to spend hours at night just filling up books with drawing, trying to have something that resembled one of those r. crumb notebooks, so i could have a box of them when i'm 60 and trade them for a house. now it's all words and lists and phrases to remind me of ideas or shapes of things to come.
but each one of these will be something or become one big thing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

cover path

i did some art for my friend Matt Baldwin's record. it is really really good. the album, i mean. it comes out in march. you should buy it. it's a heavy slice of air.

cd cover and back of book. the vinyl will be slightly different.

gatefold of the cd, maybe a poster with the lp.

malibu knights

Friday, February 8, 2008

brick a brack

just some friday randomness that i found in the depths of the caverns of ye olde hard drive area, which i may or may not have posted a year or so ago:

a few old fliers:

keep your ears peeled for the tofu gravity children reunion.

it was just that deep. so deep it put that butt to sleep.

and squeaky just hanging out in her elf costume trying to shoot gerald ford (not really, but kind of really.) also, she is keeping busy in the joint with some amazing/insane embroidery: which i can't find online... but i'm telling you: incredible. if anyone has this issue of Newsweek, give it to me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

study nut


part one of a thomas campbell episode of hi shredability. whoah. way to make me want to go make something right away. really great time lapse at the end. it's nice when people make things happen and do things instead of just flapping gums. either way is fine, i guess. just: please go make something right now or read a book or something. and for pete's sake get me off this stupid computer.

new buds

so far, 2008 is all about new friends. here are a few so far:

introducing The Duchess (aka Technology Dawg)

the thing with no name. it enjoys pizza and going to art openings. now lives at casa ribbons.

and this little sleepy guy. might want to watch your piehole on BART, brother.
more to come. more buds.

Friday, February 1, 2008

sweet sister

sister corita's rules for the art department when she taught at immaculate heart. what a good name: immaculate heart. my heart is tidy. i'm sure we've seen this around on other places, but i'm putting it here, too, because:
-anything written about sister corita kent just adds more goodness in the world. sister corita is pure goodness, creativity, and will
-these are correct

-the sun is out, maybe not a rainy weekend
-go see white rainbow at eleanor harwood tomorrow night!
-possible bay gulls video shoot this weekend?
-off topic, but dang, have you seen the john cardiel episode of epicly later'd? it's 16 parts! part one is up now at, that weird vice/viacom web tv channel. art talk is pretty good on there, too. and the lance bangs show. (update: and hi shredability is also quite tasty. how could i forget?)