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Monday, October 27, 2008

rick astley

-in progress and all that
-saw the thing i wasn't supposed to
-tripping on that one thing
-silence is key
-tattoo of a thing
-redbone video on youtube

learning to lay around

beverly hills 9021Oh my god

i just got back from LA and that show was great. i got to meet a bunch of people and do a lot of things i've never done down there before. also my camera broke so i have no pictures. i'm going to solve that, though, so check back later. in the meantime enjoy this fuzzy photo of a thomas campbell construction that had one my drawings sewn all up into it that was in the show. i feel honored, flattered, misty, and a little dirty. i went to whole foods 7 times while i was down south.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

idea for a movie

write a book about all the great ideas that never get done. this is page 349. a movie about Frenchy and Shorty and all the mischief they get up to. page 87 is going around spraypainting "CHECK OUT MY BLAWG" in 5 foot letters on buildings.
going to LA on friday. does that restaurant that is shaped like a hat still exist? i heard they invented a salad there.

Monday, October 20, 2008


i was sleeping on a couch and i woke up and looked at some etchings that were on the wall that looked kind of like this. i said to my friend, owner of the couch "those are great. i wanna do some drawings like that." she said "be careful. they were on a designer purse once" but i don't know nothing about purses and i did these anyway.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


just back home, and somehow i'm up in the woods.


dave's art show in the woods.

log staxxx.

quit looking at my house all the time.

i've got a key in my pocket.

downed cloud.

some people can just handle their business and get on with it.

"this one's kind of jammy. it has a lot of drums in it"

thanksgiving comes early. all thanks to dave and the mizzy gizzy.

on sundays, dudes take naps, dude-style.

levitate me later

Saturday, October 18, 2008


next saturday is this amazing thing being but on by these amazing people. i'm going down to los angeles for this and i am pretty certain it's going to go off. lots of beauty all packed into one spot:

On October 25th New Image Art is hosting a benefit for the upcoming surf film Dear & Yonder. Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler have been working on the film for over a year to authentically document women who inspire both in and out of the water. This benefit has been organized to raise funds for the remaining production costs of the film, which will help keep it on track for a Summer 2009 release. The filmmakers’ community has been integral to realizing the film, and is furthering its gracious support by donating artwork for the benefit. This dynamic group of talent includes Moses Berkson, Thomas Campbell, Tiffany Campbell, Jeff Canham, Lori d., Andy Davis, Amy Jo Diaz, Chris Duncan, Kyle Field, Laura Flippen, Chris Gentile, Evan Hecox, Jo Jackson, Rich Jacobs, Chris Sun Johanson, Rachel Kaye, David Kimball Anderson, Alex Kopps, Erin Kunkle, Josh Lazcano, John McCambridge, Geoff McFetridge, Barry Mcgee, Nikki McClure, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Jay Nelson, Liz Peppin, Ray Potes, Clare Rojas, Nathaniel Russell, Stefan Simikich, Derek Snodgrass, Johanna St. Clair, Mason St. Peter, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton, Spencer Tunik and more. The exhibition space has been offered by Marsea Goldberg who is an avid surfer with 15 years of commitment to showing up and coming female artists, making New Image Art a perfect fit.

A little more about the film: The story behind the title is some of the women featured in the film will be surfing their beloved home breaks (the Dear), such as bodysurfer Judith Sheridan who slides down the faces of San Francisco's formidable waves and Ashley Lloyd of Santa Cruz a surfer/shaper who seeks out ecologically sustainable materials available in order to perfect her craft. Other women in the film venture well beyond the comfort of their home breaks to the far reaches of the earth (the Yonder), such as Liz Clark who is single handedly sailing around the world in search of waves and new shores. Explosive top professionals, Sofia Mulanovich, Stephanie Gilmore, Silvana Lima, Coco Ho and others travel to Indonesia and showcase their skills on some of the best waves on earth. These women show how far women's surfing has come, but in order to find out from where, the film journeys back in time to uncover the rich history of women's surfing with icons Linda Benson, Rell Sunn, and Lisa Anderson. Dear & Yonder is further enhanced by an insightful animation by artist Lori d. and a skateboarding segment to check in on some serious land shredders. This is but a glimpse into the movie's cast that we have assembled for their skills in the water and their inspiring way of relating to world, each other and themselves.

We are excited to share Dear & Yonder with you and are honored by the support of these remarkable artists that mirror the talent of the women who are featured in the film. Please join us on Saturday, October 25th from 6-10pm at New Image Art to support this groundbreaking project.

here's a peek at what i gave for the show: agnes t. lake memorial school for girls summer program: night session at the spot, 22x30, ink.
you should really go.

Friday, October 17, 2008

now hiring

on my trip i thought about sleeping on couches.
and mysterious encounters.
(and that fourth one down is when you kick yourself awake. i always have skateboarding and running dreams and i wake myself up all the time when i fall down. i fall down even when i dream. so don't be a pervert and think i'm talking about something else)

i also figured my life out.


me and linda got to hang in the big city and we killed it. here we are watching "man on wire" (again) in an empty theater in the middle of the day. then some other dudes showed up. it was ok though, that movie is epic and good to share. what is it about wasting a perfectly gorgeous day in a movie theater that i find so satisfying?

here is the shot from the couch, mid-enchilada party as the wolfkings practiced. it was a mellowly deep treat and aided my digestion. deeply.

last day in the city, i just walked around the park all day.

it's amazing that this beautiful place is in the middle of a giant brutal city. it's also really creepy in that it gave me some really heavy post-apocalyptic vibes about nature containment and control. pretty, though.

blue hums

so glad i got to see and meet so many great people when i visited. you know what, new york ain't so bad. there will be more to come, including a really heavy art show review posting and video of a dude smoothing cement.
i love you for looking at this.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ambient clothing

make more movies.

sweet cloud metal breath

foam city foamers

the big reveal


a tasty frozen treat on a gorgeous lazy sunday. pina.

this one's for alberto! hard body chomp style!

me and these tacos just got engaged. we're getting married.

black hole with red shoe

these mugs were really shocking that early in the morning.

little critters every where you look.

from the one act play "lil' lord fauntelroy and the coiled serpent discuss important issues of the day"

bro convo

if you are my bro and you are in nyc go to The Magician's bar at 9:30 tonight and we will hang out. so may bros, so little time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

en why see

on friday i just walked around all day:

me and this dude hung out. don't trust this guy.

but he makes a tasty beverage.

i bought these for the backyard.

oh what? you thought i wasn't going to post a picture of a cat? i was really into this creepy cat sculpture that i saw at a gallery.

did you know a beer costs seven dollars? i didn't.

sketchy guy peeping. he tried to sell me a gremlin.

this dude did not know how to get me on TRL.

i also saw an art show that melted my soul into liquid light. more on that later.