Tuesday, May 30, 2017

new ideas for books albums drawings

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


well here are again
kind of like the first time
but worse?
maybe now is a good time to start talking again, about how to push out a little, draw closer a little, just endure and get through things.
i tell you one thing i do, in fact, what i'm doing right now: i listen to jazz music in the kitchen. i can't listen to the news anymore, it's too frustrating and frightening to allow into my food preparation times. i deny it entrance through my attempted mellow gates. i cook dinner for my family and i find something like this to glide me along:

and then it leads to this:

and then by osmosis i am reminded of the unending ability and struggle of the human being to articulate itself and it's thoughts and it's feelings through sounds and art and notes and words. and before i know it's happening: i am existing in this present moment for a second and enjoying having electricity and not being sick and the potatoes i'm about to take out of the oven.
i'm going to try!
i'm also going to try to find a way to come back to writing on here, which i say every 3-6 months. what will work now that everything in my life is different? maybe it won't? let's see!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

tuesday vibe

i know you're not supposed to ride a bike with headphones on, that it's very dangerous. but i used to do it everyday when i lived in west oakland and those late night/early morning bike rides to and from a friend's house, work, the bar, the studio, the bart is what kept me sane through some weird times. every now and then i stumble upon a song that would get heavy rotation on those rides and i can almost smell the emeryville again.

music is amazing. and is a magic thing! transportational even.

and you know what:  they still got it, man.

i find this inspirational and exciting. a year or so ago i saw these guys play at my local record store, luna, and it was amazing. i wasn't familiar with any of their stuff anymore but it transcended. i like seeing bands like that. fresh. i saw them back in 97 too at a little coffee shop not to far away from i used to buy dog food. do you ever wish you left permanent identifiable footprints everywhere you ever went so you could see if you're standing in the exact same spot again? but this time you wear some vans instead of reeboks or a some sandals.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

minor mind fugue

a pen pal sent me this unknowingly and it has effected me unknowingly

i think about myself sitting in a chair i don't have yet looking out into the trees as i smoke a pipe. i think about someday smoking a pipe but i don't really want to someday smoke a pipe. what a stupid thing to die from. i could instead chew on a stick or a twizzler.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


-i recently (yesterday) did a drawing for an op-ed in the new york times. when you do these kind of things it's real deadline-y, like sketches by 2, final by 5 now go do it! but this article was great and the editor was helpful and proactive and it was just a nice experience. i mean, it was very stressful but now that it's done i can say it was and is nice to be a part of such a timeless institution. i am happy for the next 10 minutes at least!

-music is a daily part of my life since forever but there are some days, weeks months when i don't want to listen but  i want the atmosphere and environment that sound and music provide. this is what eno meant by ambient music i guess. sp lately i don't want to hear words or too many chords. well, maybe some but just not too many. so i've been enjoying having some things wash over me without me knowing until later. like this weird dead rehearsal from the 80s with a drum machine: 
and this bonnie prince billy and bitchin bajas record which i listen/don't listen to bith while i'm working at home and when i go for my nightly constitutional:
and it seems like many others like this:
quick note: i have discovered in the past years a deep love for the sound of a clarinet. if you can play clarinet you should. 

-i don't know what else? there are many irons in the fire and i am attempting to be grateful and present! there are so many things i'd like to do and it is a constant balance of capitalizing on the energy when it appears, waiting for a proper headspace and making that money. what a life!