Tuesday, May 20, 2014

blossom and poems

hey would you look at that: i am artist of the month over at cinders gallery in brooklyn, new york.
every week of may we are releasing a piece of artwork exclusive to them.
so far we have a three-drawing suite (see post below) and two silk screen prints.
coming soon: a riso print and another drawing.
but for now there are these and an interview and who knows what else.
here are the silk screens:

i am working 
i am trying
i am feeling pretty alright
changes and phases

Friday, May 9, 2014

perfect things

this thing is a perfect thing
i feel like this almost everyday
joy or frustration or all of it at once
thank you, mystery sculptor for making this perfect thing

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cinders and Night Suite

this month of may i am the featured artist over at cinders gallery, brooklyn, new york, usa. 
each week of the month we will offer up some new art for looking at on the internet or purchasing and owning in real life. throughout the month we'll do an interview and talk about things on the cinders gallery blog over here. you can check on this through the month.

the first thing i made is this: 
"Night Suite"
a group of three drawings that go together but can live on their own.

 Comet And Plant
 Dark Pantry
Moon and Thinking

Friday, May 2, 2014

rip off city volume 1

so i think there is something to be said for rip off graphics.
maybe because i grew up in the skateboarding visuals of the 90s, maybe it's because the 3rd tape i ever bought for myself was weird al, maybe i just think it's funny? whatever it is, here are some:
this is actually an official record store day t-shirt for luna music in indianapolis and criminal records in atlanta. sorry raymond. but you can get one of these at either of those stores. on a shirt.
this is just real life. i used to skate everyday from morning until night, and i did that before i even drank coffee or got into scones. how did i do it? now a dream come trues is meeting at the spot with a donut and a piping hot cup of brown ala transportation unit bros. maybe cruise around, hit some curb nubs, drag my hand a little. it is true, brothers and sisters. yet we are still gnarly!

and i just thought of this 10 minutes ago. cool dad comix = new dad realities. i wish i could say this was not autobiographical but i cannot. it's hard to get a baby to go to sleep to an albert ayler record. and that's ok!but seriously a baby will keep you in the now, make you not care about your records, make you realize this very present moment and what is real and important in life and that is this right here. boom!

note: maybe i should put references down for comparison? do this:
google search: sonic youth goo, bones brigade ripper, oh god why can't my boyfriend skate. 

jee whizz

oh god. i don't even know what to tell you.
but you should check out this stuff if you have a second or two hours:

i love jon ronson! and this is insane! and i kind of want one of those pressure point tools!

this popped up on the random setting and gee whiz it kind of hit me. i went through a strata east phase a few years ago and maybe it's time to revisit it.

and lastly this:

thomas's supreme video. oof! if this doesn't make you want to listen to some doug carn (see above) and cruise around the city wearing some short pants you must be dead inside. sorry to be harsh but come on!
and wow have you seen this trailer?

i am putting this documentary up with "jam econo" as far as inspirational material.
i love it  i love it!

i am traveling to california soon.
i am moving house and studio and family and animals now.
i am feeling insane.
i am working but jeez i just can't seem to get anything done.
katie is making enchiladas.
are you into the blooming? we should be!