Tuesday, April 30, 2013

design performance

ray johnson is not only one of my favorite artists, he also did some great book cover design for new directions in the 60s. it's hard to find a list of all the ones he did, but i know about these three.
he's so raw and solid. perfect ease! my hero!
"The Roman Sonnets of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli"

"in the american grain"
this is the only one i own, and one that i paid tribute to/was inspired by/ripped off for an album project i worked on. his is better. i love hands. and books.

it is simply impossible to find fault with this silvery masterpiece of lettering and exploitation of the print process. it is greatness!

are there more of these that you know about and i don't? wanna trade me a book for some art? i've decided i want to collect all these paperbacks now and put them on a shelf to look at and hold. just now i have decided this.

also, i'm not sure many people realize this, but you can design books, do drawings, do performances, make pottery, make songs, weld sculpture and anything else you want all at the same  time. you don't have to just do one thing because you went to school for it or because you need to build a career doing one thing and trying to land a client or get a gallery show. unless you really want to, and in that case, carry on. you can do whatever you want and try to be good at it!

torso drapes

oh snap! remember when i said i made some shirts for luna music for record store day? 
i was not lying! the creeper above is one of them!
and so is this one. it's pierre, he's back, like a McRib!
you know what's up. 

they are up on their site now HERE for purchase if you want them. i think it's free shipping, which in this postal rate increase environment is nothing to shake a stick at. i even took a screengrab to prove it to you below. 
so now go forth and do something halfway interesting and good for yourself today. that doesn't mean buy the shirt, that part of the blog post is over, it means go for a walk or take a picture of a flower or read an interesting article in a hammock. the weather is nice!

Monday, April 29, 2013

you are the mother of my baby

man, i am telling you, this video is one of my favorites and it seems to be on the youtubes for anybody to watch now. but for how long? i have been in such a raw vibe lately and this is just perfect. watch the whole thing and report back to me your findings.
it's called being stoked on life! let's try it!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

poise and vibe

people have been very nice lately and writing nice things. thanks for THIS & THIS.
i am receiving good vibes and i hope to absorb those vibes and blend them into a vibe smoothie and then offer that vibe smoothie back to the earth. it will be a jamba juice franchise of vibes only.
peace to us!

and THIS opens today in france!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


things that should be: a book about pm dawn: the story, the music, the art direction. tell me more about these funky mystics. i may sound like i'm making a joke, but i would read that book for sure.
 i would LOVE to have a memory carved (?) into wood. i got a couple on deck right now. this is actually a really great service and something that sounds kind of futuristic in a backwards-y way, like the movie total recall or some other dystopian vision. let's think about it some more.
this is just a kitchen witch that katie showed me. she's cool.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


i recently got a portable ipod speaker thing from a garage sale (for free! you just gotta stuff a piece of styrofoam behind it and it will work just fine) and i listened to this song three times on it today and yesterday, all in the kitchen. this song is really long and the world needs more long songs and doesn't it make you want to write a really long song sand sing it for a very long time and maybe that song tells the story (or a version) of your entire life so far and then when you're done singing you just pick up your shit and walk on out the room and get on with it. man, i love this song. "i wish i had one million dollars so we could light it aflame"! i know i know!
specifically i remember buying this cd (this is the only song on it i think) from the berkeley amoeba (at full price) and going home and listening to it in my room at lobot and then riding my bike around listening to it on a sunny sunday just like today but three thousand miles away. and it did and does just what it's supposed to be doing to me still. i am feeling things today!

pyt in the nyt

so i did an illustration for an article in the new york times sunday review that came out today. what a thing to happen! it's these kind of things that i can do that i feel like i can show my parents and they will appreciate it and understand in a normal and easy way. it's way easier to explain than "night eggs".  and let me tell you, when the nyt comes a-knockin, you say "yes!" and what a heavy article this is to illustrate! i won't say it was easy but i am happy with what came out in the end. what a humbling feeling to have and to share with you right now. now please someone from the new yorker give me a call so i can make those tiny little drawings that pop up in the middle of long stories that have nothing to do with the story.
here's the article: nyt

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


feeling confused? there are signals and signs everywhere if you look. 
such as:
this piece of bread reminds of someone...
it's my old friend the dolphin, of course!
let the mysteries unfold!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

signs of life

 things that are important: charts and specimens 
 wizard of walk-ins
 i truly believe this is the best t-shirt design of all time
 doors of southern indiana part one
 doors of southern indiana part two
hakuna matata 
 i would buy this if it was on a shirt for real
 hello friend
 unsure of what's happening here but there's no more beer so whatever
 photo shoot of the day
meeting your spirit animal in a parking lot is not for the meek