Friday, January 24, 2014

mail chauvanism

first transmission in a postcard pleasure principal participation project
see you in berkeley in may, sweet baby

Thursday, January 23, 2014

four small dreams

starting today you can pre-order  Thomas Campbell's new film 
Cuatro Sueños Pequeños.
this is very exciting around these parts because, not only am i super psyched for a skateboarding film by Thomas to enter the earth, i also contributed to the packaging of the dvd and the book about the film. i worked on this group of drawings for months with Thomas and i'm very proud of them and how they can sit beside and around this honestly amazing skate film. 
here's some stuff i cribbed from the pre-order page:
A skate film - Visual Audio Experiment by Thomas Campbell. This 23 minute movie was shot entirely on 16mm film in a dream scene scenario that blends reality, surreality and a skate adventure starring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse. This film captures Javier Brushing his teeth,slobbering on his pillow, bedding down with a beautiful brunette. Also Javi running into Madars Apse in his dream, they skate over volcano's,thru the woods and into cities of Spain,The Canary Islands,Mallorca,The Basque country and California.This film has a completely original soundtrack by the critically acclaimed Basque super group "Chiwoks".And besides the usual unusual camera perspectives you expect from a Thomas Campbell film. French Fred is also is on board Lending his iconic visual wizardry to this cauldron of the bizarre, beauty and gnar.
The Cuatro's Movie - DVD comes in a 90 page hardcover,cloth spine with premium art book printing. 14 pages of Illlustrations of the film by Nathaniel Russell and by Brian Gaberman, Sem Rubio, Fred Mortagne, Antton Miettienen, Arto Saari, Todd Glaser, Rip Zinger and Thomas Campbell.
trust me, i have seen this film and it's really wonderful. skate people and art people and surf people and people people will appreciate and be inspired. get over to and give it a look.

Friday, January 17, 2014


the night i posted the previous entry on this blog, everything changed. that night something new came into the universe and that was my son. technically it was the following morning but he let his intentions be known that evening. have you ever made a person? we know how it happens but have you ever experienced this? i feel like i want to run to everyone i know who has ever given birth or had a child and hug them and say, " you know, i never really understood it. i can't believe you experienced this and that there was no parade or news flash about the miracle and magic and terror and wonder." and i am still in it and it changes every minute. i am happy and tired, scared and worried, calm and collected, freaked out and smothered in awe. mostly i am relieved and grateful and so proud of my amazing wife and so thankful to have such wonderful friends and confusing feelings and a brand new influence and perspective on everything i see and do from now on. nothing will ever be the same. 
and one of the most amazing things about this is that life goes on. things go wrong and are annoying, funny things happen, people don't understand and ask you to do things you don't want to do. and sometimes they forget the meat in mama's taco salad and it's a real emergency.

and we get to see the city from above, which is very rare in a city with no mountains or hills to speak of if you are not an office-type downtown. so we get to look out at the buildings and snow and the creepy open roof door on the rooftop next door.

and you make shopping lists and have to think about real life and go to the grocery store like it's just another wednesday like a mind-melting miracle did not just happen.
and then you get to look into the infinite and see what you are made of and what kind of person you have been and hope to be. i often talk and write about the magic and unknown things of life and living but a friend put it nicely in an email yesterday:

life is never closer and never more mysterious

being a person is the strangest and most amazing thing to happen anywhere ever.
to you who is reading: thank you for being a person thank you for being alive
let's all just take a deep breath and get going now

Monday, January 6, 2014

blizz notes

notes on snow dayz:
-the blizzard of 2014: the day the sweatpants stayed on all day long (update: now into day two)
-i am at a point in my life where i could get  really into wearing a poncho
-a blizzard during a colts game weekend is a perfect storm for clogging up my social media
-i can't find my live Orb cd: did i sell it in 1997
-the cat is becoming kind of a butthole this winter
-people are tripping out and they want those eggs
-do they make sweatpants for dogs
-does this have anything to do with babylon system
-moonlighting is not quite as good as i remember, but that theme song kills it

Sunday, January 5, 2014

blood from a scone

get yourself some coffee and donuts, head over to the QP, maybe do some light thrifting or record digging on the way home... you're back in time for your 2 o'clock taco/nap. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

slow start

here's a song from one of my favorite records of the year, one that i just got a week or so ago. it is easing me into 2014: a year sure to be full of good vibes, weirdness, newness and other stuff. i'm gonna keep listening to this record and eat dinner and relax my way into this new orbit with some people and animals i love. peace to all of us!