Wednesday, January 23, 2013

frasconi died

we lost a good one a couple weeks ago.
read this: link
i was first shown a frasconi book by a printmaking teacher during a woodcut class. it was the first time i'd seen some work that i connected with in school, at least on a deeper level, and in a way that made me feel that i could do something like that and be happy. through the years he has been a constant touchstone for me and probably the book i've opened the most of all my books. he did things with the wood grain and could draw suns, birds, letters, nets, boats, everything like no other on earth.
he did so many things: prints, books, illustrations, posters, but my favorites have always been his woodcuts of migrating birds. (i am still looking for a good print of one, but i have been sniped on ebay  more than a few times. if anybody has a woodcut they want to sell me, call me.):

i have written about him before, but do yourself a favor and get into it. 
his prints will make your life better.

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