Tuesday, July 31, 2012

curb cope catch-up

look at this beautiful thing. helped hutch put this together for this thing on saturday.
i already ate shit on the run up trying to jump over a hose, so prepare to see a paypal button on this blog asking for help in paying my medical bills real soon.
remember when i had an art show in new york last week? well it's still up and there are some nice installation shots over here. you can contact the gallery if yo're interested in purchasing yourself or someone you love some fine fine art.
bonus photo of a baby snake i saw wriggling across the sidewalk in new york, out by the beach. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


 organizing and sorting boxes and boxes of photos and found this shot of my uncle.
pretty sure i have the photo he's taking right there.
how could you not want to hang out with this dude?
i am allergic to fish (true!) and when we would go fishing many years later he would have to take the fish off the hook for me so i wouldn't get hives and barf.
they don't make beards like they used to.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


this is phase one of my new self-help program that i have invented.
it's called JAMMIN. it involves JAMMIN IT. 
pamphlet forthcoming.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

stoke wednesdays

hey let's get stoked today.

you know i've seen maria kalman's books in the bookstore and i've flipped through them and they are beautiful. but have i ever really read them like READ them? obviously not or i would have bought them. i like what she's talking about, i like how she's talking about it, and i like her. it would be really fun to go to her house for dinner, i bet. have i told you that i want to start a book this year? i do and i will.  a book about being alive and how wonderful and stupid all this is. this is inspiring for me.


SAM FLAX - Fire Doesn't Burn Itself from SAM FLAX on Vimeo.

my friend sam made a video for a song from his record. it's so good! sam is one of the most multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-multi dudes i've had the pleasure to have known in my short life thus far. i am so stoked that other people are getting a little taste of the things he has to offer and share with the world. this also is inspiring to me! let's do shit with ourselves! 

stoke tip:
you know what i figured out gets me stoked? doing push ups. i only did about 20 push ups last night but immediately afterward i felt good and katie forced me to dance around a little bit and i felt stupid but then awesome. also: riding your bike, riding your skateboard, just walking around. whatever gets the blood moving and the juices flowing. let's make them juices flow because they make the thoughts flow and that's when the good stuff happens.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

rental car in new york days

 this is on the back of a bus. this drawing is too much, man. there are so many things i want to say but i think you should be allowed to let this image slowly reveal itself to you. just look at it for a few minutes and i'll try to figure out how to organize my thoughts into words.
 it's national take your sandwich to the beach day so i took an impromptu trip to the beach with my buddies brian and linn. they showed me a good day and got me sunburnt. actually i have only myself to blame for that because i refused their offers of sunscreen and ignored my english heritage.
 the guy on the right was trying to show off with some handstands for some chicks, but little did he know that the master of all handstands was watching his every move and just waiting for the chance to cruise in and offer some helpful hints. this is a shot of a little handstand tutoring session and two dudes sharing information and technique on the beach. it was beautiful.
 speaking of sharing, check out all these dudes hanging out in a big circle singing and holding hands. much props to dave for pulling this off, it was truly a community affair. and many kudos for making some new york peeps feel slightly awkward and self-conscious for a few minutes. not shown: a group of ninjas having a ninja rehearsal just outside of the circle who refused to join forces with us.
 crooked arm design appreciation club: the avocado and the wino. two examples of near perfection  of simplicity of design, shape, and feel. i saw somebody selling red wino's over on 1st avenue but they wanted $25 for them. unacceptable. 
 how much does it cost to get skywriting? i would like to get some. can you do sky drawing? what if you looked up and you saw a drawing of some weird dog in the sky? i'll tell you what would happen: you'd be stoked.
 dumpster bros somewhere in pennsylvania. 
may we all be fortunate enough to know true friendship in our lives.
 i stayed the night in a deserted howard johnson's in pennsylvania. i think i was the only guest. if you looked out into the back parking lot there was a bunker-type structure  that housed the laundry room. it was completely frightening. i have never seen the movie "saw" but i'm pretty sure this building is in it and inside there dwells some sort of clown in a trenchcoat.
my rental car had xfm radio, which is mostly terrible, like everything else but then i found a grateful dead station. if you read this blog, you know that i have been going through a dead phase lately, so this was a nice experience to drive though ohio listening to them play in buffalo in 1973. after a while i got restless and started switching around to the grunge channel and the 90s channel but then drifted back. it demands a deliberate patience and presence and for a second i got all caught up in it and almost began to twirl. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012


last day in the big city, hitting the road tonight. spending the afternoon with friends and strangers near and far in this david wilson-gathered event. all the details are here: http://ribbonsribbons.blogspot.com/2012/07/prospect-park.html
what a trip!

Friday, July 20, 2012

birth of an art baby

 and an art show is born
 earth, i offer this to you. be cool.
shirt sign (nfs)
 a moment of solitude
look at this great park across the street. wish i could pitch a tent in there.

a giant thank you to all who came out: old buds, new buds, internet friends, street people, and especially to karen at ed. varie and the friendly folks at 9th street espresso. 
the good vibes are ever-present.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

open up

 in new york the sky is grumbling
 sweaty feet on the city street
 hanging the wares for market, opening reception tonight.
 it hailed!
you know the sandwich is going to be a good one when it's trying to eat through it's wrapping.

opening night checklist:
-go get some glass
-watch the new epicly later'd
-get jacked on some coffee
-put on some long pants
-gallery yoga
-touch a passing pooch
-dust the sculpture

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 hey i drove to new york yesterday.
on the way i stopped off at a travel plaza and shredded these dual pipes so hard.
then i drove through a mountain that had a part in the middle 
 i got to jersey and saw some jersey barriers. typical.
then i got to where i was going: ed. varie! show opens tomorrow.

Monday, July 16, 2012

welcome to the working week

hello again. i am showing a bunch of new things at ed. varie in new york city. the opening party is on thursday from 6 to 9. if you are in new york or the vicinity come on over. it would be nice to see you in person and we can enjoy this new york summer night all together. and you can tell me where some good cheap food is and can i please stay on your couch?
no, in all seriousness i am very excited about this show. the people of ed. varie are good folks and remember this? when i made some lithographs? they were for this show. i made some new big drawings that i am proud of and i am stuffing the rental car full of stuff to bring. it will be fun and i am so very thankful for the opportunity to put a roomful of things i've made on display for you to look at. 
and then on sunday it is a reunion of sorts for some of us and strictly just magical stuff when this goes down in prospect park. truly a good time will be had by all and it's going to be like a high five to your soul.

Monday, July 9, 2012

that shape is my shade

now in the shop
positive vibrations & perspective exercises
hakuna matata

these new prints are called "pma" and "this is it",  respectively.
i am having an art show in new york next week and these are for that among other things.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


hey man, got an hour to kill?
sure you do. it's sunday!
put this on while you make a waffle. yow!
then this while you ride your 3-wheeled motorcycle:

and then later when you're all sweaty watch this whole thing and then there's your whole sunday solved with a big batch of 90s anxiousness:

Friday, July 6, 2012

design issues

 my buddy todd gifted me this grateful dead bootleg he found in florida and now i will talk about it.
 the sticker said "decent show" but who cares what is great about this is the packaging.
-photo shot from the crowd, printed in blue ink
-no title on the front
 -lowercase credits
-rad record label logo 
-photo of jerry with some trippy sunglasses
-still all one color
and it's all just one piece of poster board printed all at once and then folded up. i wish i had made this. don't you wish more things looked like this? shampoo bottles, cereal, pasta packaging? totally going to use this method for some stuff this fall. 
bonus photo of the business card of a local head shop with a jerry bear in a wizard cloak. they now have this amazing sign out front where the ampersand is a bong that is rainbow colored. why isn't there a coffee table book of stoner design?