Friday, May 30, 2008

periodical and blog agenda for the future

-this is my new magazine. it comes out every day and is 300 pages long. includes interviews with a taco and a stray cat.
-minardi invented "the periodical buddy" but has never put it on his blog.
-art auction at mollusk tonight. party time.
-best donuts in sf are at bob's. expect a multi-volume post next week.
-post 300 on monday and it comes with a bonus.
-also this blog dies at post 500. all blogs must pass.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Outerlands Art Auction!
Friday May 30th, 7-10pm
Mollusk Surf Shop, SF (at Irving & 46th)

featuring michelle blade thomas campbell manuel caro alberto cuadros kyle field bryson gill rachel kaye alex kopps barry mcgee serena mitnik-miller kyle mock jay nelson hilary pecis caleb rogers nat russell jesse schlesinger bennet schlesinger orion sheppard johanna st. clair mason st. peter rob streff david wilson and more!
. . .+ music TBA!

Hello Friends!

As many of you know, we are in the process of opening a café in the Sunset. For several months, we have been working hard to get our little spot ready for the public, and with the generous help of many friends, we are getting closer to our goal!

Throughout this process, one of the challenges we have faced has been securing enough funding to cover startup costs. To help us meet these costs, Mollusk Surf Shop has donated space for an art auction, and many incredible artists have donated pieces for the show. We hope you will be able to join us for this fun event!

To learn more about the café, the auction, and how you can help, visit us at Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and please spread the word! Thanks so much for your support!

--Dave and Lana

best of the rest

poof! and all that was left was his boots.

dirty old man.

a cluster of big sur-ness.

best window in san fancisco part one.

water walking.

Friday, May 23, 2008

more bro

simone and terri (rubies) with some dudes in england jamming on some bill withers a few days ago. working it!

tv party

do you have tv? are you one of those people who pretends you don't watch tv but really actually really enjoy it? my friend lisa choinacky (previously blogged all over the place up in here) is a character in a cartoon on adult swim tonight. the cartoon is by brad neely, and lisa only says one word in it ("Frank!") but she also appears in her underpants (see above). which is actually how she cooks breakfast every morning, i can confirm. here's a review of it:

'China, IL' on Adult Swim

Brad Neely has had Warner Bros. on his back (for producing an alternate narration for the first Harry Potter movie called Wizard People, Dear Reader) and the viral masses at his feet (for his giddily nonsensical Founding Father rap, "Cox & Combes' Washington": "He had a pocketful of horses/fucked the shit out of bears"). So what's he gonna do next? Nope, it isn't world domination, but for an animator, it comes mighty close: He's going to premiere a short on Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network's inventive, tastemaking block of programming that's geared at grownups ... well, grownups who dig samurai and litigious superheroes, a talking milkshake and post-post-irony (po-po-rony?).

The Austin-based animator premieres his new miniseries, called China, IL, on Adult Swim on Sunday, May 25, at 10:45pm. Maybe "miniseries" sounds grandiose, butChina, IL – in addition to reviving well-loved Neely creations the Professor Brothers and idiot savant Baby Cakes – manages to compact in 11 minutes love and death and oral-sex oratories, not to mention astonishingly silly lessons in revisionist history (to wit – calling out "ca-ca-faced" Helen Keller for "burgling turds"). Neely's sensibilities aren't for everyone, but his mingling of blowhard, simpleton, and non sequitur quite often toes poetry. If that sounds up your alley, then don't bother waiting for Sunday night – three of the four linked episodes are already streaming at humor site Super Deluxe. Owner TBS announced at the beginning of the month that it was folding Super Deluxe into sister site (in the process, laying off the Super Deluxe staff), but for now, the site is still up and running, with a sizable backlog of Neely shorts and another 25 videos yet to air. "Baby Cakes and the Professor Brothers are not over," Neely says, "and I have really just begun.(((show times seem conflict-maybe google adult swim to confirm)))

Thursday, May 22, 2008


sneak peak at big illustration job i'm finishing up.
i'll alert you to the periodical and publication date when appropriate.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

you've got the lurk

i am walking and i am waiting for something to happen.

i am walking past the gate and not going in.

weekend roundup

rare appearance by the mysterious experimental dub group The Squirrel's Pearl

schralp city schralpers straight up schralping

and a dude in animal collective with massive style.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"disco people look at each other because they're pretty, punk people look at each other because they're ugly"

RAD summit

baldface k-bud squeebing out a jamslide

running one out 20 feet deep oververt in half-shirt.

whitey on the moon

the chapel is the bus station is the chapel.

terri and jason got married on a bus and everyone wore white and then walked to a park and on and on and on. best wedding in memory. look at these people.

it came from the deep.

pupa! chrysalis!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


dudes, the new errol morris movie, as described below, is heavy. like dark, hell-in-a-handbasket, i-hate-america heavy. not exactly a make out movie. yet, ultimately, necessary. people are fucking this world up by not acting right. you should go see it and get bummed out about the state of things, feel hopeless about where it's all going, and then try to turn that into something good, productive, and hopeful.
i was trying to park a car tonight after the movie and pulled over to help keep a drunk woman from continuing to drive and hit more parked cars and possibly people. her husband came and rescued her and it all worked out for the best, except for the volkswagen, which has serious body damage.
morals of the stories: "stress positions" are torture in my book, and don't drive drunk or marry anybody named Kimmy who drives drunk.

Friday, May 16, 2008

to do

new errol morris movie opens today:

he's one of my favorite filmmakers and this is going to be nuts.
he has a blog here.
now a scene from one of my favorite movies of his:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

raw dawg

this just showed up. jumpin jehosephat from the era of the crimson beard.

needless baloney trivia

return of the duchess!

sadly, the standards of graffiti writing have fallen in recent years. i like to think that whoever wrote this on the wall felt the desire to do so in their soul, that their heart was on fire to share this with the world, to take it to the streets. i also wonder if this is a person's entire tag name, or if they just go by "Doo."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

not not busy not working

i am a mixmaster.

look at all the people eating delicious oraganic vegan meals not listening to the amazing selection of songs i've picked out. jerks.

i got my plate. leif went off. that's right, sometimes i supplement my records with my friend the Guypod. it's the 21st century now, i am allowed.

then Vetiver played. slow-burning jammers aplenty. what a fun night.

also: i did some lettering and layout and overall art facilitation for the new Vetiver record of covers "Thing Of The Past." it's great and you should go buy the LP because it looks nice all big and gatefolded.

Monday, May 12, 2008

bbq recap

another saturday, another bbq

this time with more tree goo crystals!

and more random dudes lurking around.

plus added minardi-Q for maximum grillers. and a little dude.

serious (vegi) burger bizness.

Friday, May 9, 2008


i don't have anything new to put up here, but i can't let a day go by without putting something up here or i feel like a blog failure. but i was going through a bunch of old pictures on my hard drive (which i just paid thousands of dollars to recover... back up your back up, people) and i found this poster, which has always been a favorite of mine. when britt started putting on shows in big sur a few years ago, i was lucky enough to go down there a few times and make posters for concerts and things. here's a few points of interest on this poster:
-i actually did not go down for this show because... i can't remember. but i heard it turned into a disco dance party at the end and something about a hot tub
-i just got into the superwolf record about a month ago. i think it's my favorite oldham record. the first song slays.
-i forgot to put the date on the poster, so i stamped it on at the bottom
-nothing is better than a dolphin. you can't go wrong. if this had a top hat on it, it would basically be worth a million dollars.

Friday, May 2, 2008

choinack attack

now is the time to contemplate and appreciate my good friend and sister-from-a-different-mister: austin's own lisa choinacky. i met lisa in muncie, indiana about 10 or 12 years ago. she let me borrow a fanzine about crispin glover when i worked at ben and jerry's. she showed me the magic of lionel richie and peanuts. we did this together last year. she just recently showed a bunch of her album cover paintings: covers of covers. she needs to be famous and rich. i hear she does commissions. she needs to start her own blog so i can link to it. anyway, look at this:

a big ol' line of goodness.

who doesn't like lettering? my enemies.

i can't really get into pink floyd much, but i can get into this. deeply.

the face of pure sexualness.

i would like to see this next to one of that t-shirt design for "metal up your ass" next. oates looks on.

baby butt.

the lips of the omniverse.


fiend club

the damned's mca/keyboard years are vastly unappreciated.

or maybe they're not. so many highly questionable moves in this video. i remember listening to this tape while taking driver's ed. crucial!

Thursday, May 1, 2008