Tuesday, October 23, 2012

nudie suit

i played some music at a place called grand gallery when i was in japan. it was really nice. really, it was. playing music is so different from making drawings. it's about being in the moment and feeling it right there in front of people and i think might be a good exercise for people to try out. i think if you do it right, it's a big relief, a big exhale. i think it's about as close to meditation as i've gotten in real life and you have to do it in front of everybody. well, you don't have to, but sometimes you do, because maybe there is that exhibitionist or ego thing to it. or maybe it's just fun and meaningful in some way to attempt to feel no shame and try to do something and connect with something. who knows! who knows why we do anything that we do. as far as things to get into, music and art is not so bad. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

nice vs gross


Thursday, October 18, 2012

30 seconds in a tokyo reggae bar

wish we would have gone here the first night instead of the last night
i don't want to go to any more bars or restaurants that seat more than 9 people.

japanese whisper

 gelfling styles
 pleasantness everywhere
 i went to a really expensive reggae record store and couldn't afford anything. it appears that they get records shipped to them from jamaica in banana boxes. yes!
 this was our favorite place to eat on the trip. right behind our hotel. it's called "me me me." it wasn't really japanese food, more like a japanese take on some old fashioned american stuff. it was great. a real classy one man show. 
 i love this label.
 everywhere i looked, tommy lee jones was pissed at this dog.
 somebody was repping french lick
 the best part about this was not that it said "reefer" on it (grow up!), or even the really good bottle, but the ying-yang symbol in the wine glass. perfect!
this was the first drawing i did for the show and i thought it was silly and stupid and i only included it at the last minute. but now it is my favorite. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

design research vol. one

 the grid vs nature
 modeling clay or reggae record label? something about the shape of that lion's chin is comforting. i like the cut of his jib.
 i love a cosmic sandwich board. this place had mysterious cd's, amulets, and a general warm vibration emanating from within. love that mailbox shape, too.
 thank you for making this, person who made this. 
 symmetry sort of. that side table had a built in radio and one of the stations was just ambient music and ocean waves. it was actually way less relaxing than it sounds. 
 the only thing funnier that marijuana culture is touristy marijuana culture. although i wouldn't mind some reggae flip flops.
 american meat exploitation. i am offended.
squared off and simple but those tiles are throwing in a monkey wrench, huh?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

profesional tactics

this is what i've been doing for an artist's statement for the last couple years. i do a different one for every exhibit. is it lame that i'm not fully comfortable writing about the drawings i'm making? i need to practice the right words. i'm working on it. this seems pretty honest and worthwhile at the moment, but soon i will just be able to lay down the law, let's hope. in other news: jetlag is a real thing, indiana is quiet, and my cat is still sort of pissed at me for being gone for a week.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

approximate infinite universe

 keeping positive
 a hand to hold

 lunch stick
rip and paul

Monday, October 8, 2012

no naps

 merch #1
 merch #2
 georgie as flier model
i like playing these songs and i am happy to be playing them tonight.