Thursday, September 25, 2014

fruity futures

this morning i heard this song as transition music on NPR.

it was weird. when i was a kid i thought it would be great if the music i liked was what was on tv and the radio, like the world would be cooler. it didn't feel that cool. i don't really feel that cool. what do we call this feeling? it's a like a nostalgia for a future that was not. i'm not sure. 1993 was like the year of hip hop for me. there were a lot of good records. i saw tribe called quest, de la soul, and souls of mischeif at bogart's in cincinnati that year. they took a  really long time to get on stage. i was wearing a white sweater. i saw dog hanging out on the side of the road on the 2 hour drive there. i don't remember what we ate but i thnk it was burger king.

here's a drawing i did for my art show coming up. it's 3 feet square. i'm into the peace fruits as a movement, as a club, as a feeling and force. let's talk about it when i see you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


i am having an exhibition of new art works! in less than two weeks! with my friends at mollusk in san francisco in the beautiful state of california usa! i will show some pictures soon of the things i have been making as a sneak peek. but at the opening there will be music, beer and the fellowship of buds! won't you come visit? 

Friday, September 12, 2014

friday meditations

this is great to work to. forget about it, watch it reappear. it sounds like a lot of other things but that's ok because it is a thing of itself and the details shift as it contributes to the greater burble and hum. i am into it.

last night i put this on the stereo real loud and pranced around with my kid to it. i have not lsitened to this song in many years but when i first heard it my mind was blown. like the distinctness and deliberateness of everything is crystal. my friend sam used to dig up all kinds of space country jams like this. there are a million things to dig up still. this song still trips me out. good to prance about to.

and this:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


to do:
make art show
make book
make record
make lunch
make drawing
make up
make bread
make $
make good
make coffee
make it
make shelves to put things on
make some things to put on a shelf
make some calls
make some packages to send off
make it up to you (them) (us)
make the train
make time

Friday, September 5, 2014

cool dorks

i was driving around town this morning going to garage sales and this song came on:

i live in indiana so everytime you turn on the radio there's a 75% chance you will here a little johnny cougar wthin 10 minutes. i have been inoculated since early childhood on him. but something i realized today: this song kind of rules. and this video also kind of rules. i mean, these dudes are dorks. just look at them, with their scarves prancing about in the quarry. but like, sincere dorks. almost overly dork. but they believe in it, man. they believe in the song! i would have loved to have accidentally walked into them shooting this video, lip-synching while wearing their fingerless gloves. i would cheer them on and shout "get it, dudes!" i love it. and you know what: everyone DOES need a hand to hold on to. it does not need to be no rich hand or a strong hand. this shit is real.
it made me think again that i should really move to bloomington. so i watched this:

now i want to get a better bike.
and after all this i came back to my personal king of the sincere romantic cool guy dorks.
here is our eddie:

may you have a pleasant and cozy weekend and may we all be as big of dorks some time in our life.