Wednesday, December 31, 2008


car hood

pizza swan

pizza swan update: do you see the face in the far right edge of the pizza swan? i would sell this on ebay but i ate it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

get casual

i want to be behind those curtains

casual new year here we come

where the day takes you

started with this

and then this (this spot can go die)

lead to this

which then left off with this.
a scary day that reminded us of what's important in life.
wear a helmet.
try not to get put in jail.
reflect over tacos with bros.
celebrate being old enough to have fun.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tadanori Yokoo

weird when you find the dude you were subliminally ripping off in previous posts. this dude is amazing. note to self: learn animation in 2009.

Friday, December 26, 2008

faeries wear boots

me and the feef collaborated on some christmas tinkerbell faerie drawings. first attempt at using the dipping pen results in brutally graceful energy renderings.

the text is always a crucial part of the process.

tinkerbell is so bummed she turned the whole cage black.


casual new year starting strong

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


spent all day drinking coffee (cole), drawing (presents), listening to music (sun araw and oh sees, records of the year) and watching internet movies (howard the duck, 400 blows). vacation city.

the blank before. a more beautiful scene never has happened.

the full up after. holiday! also: made chili, watched christmas movie, drank wine, hung with buds. life in all its sweetness.


me and tight bud judd are basically ruling this week's sf guardian. gotta send the clippings to the proper authorities. happy holiday, dudes.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

magic santa

these fliers have the same phone number on them.


found some amazing photos in the family archives while i was home. black hills 1969. 40 years in 10 days or so.

grandma in the 40s in england. will my grandkid find my blog in a shoebox when i'm old?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

fortune 500

blogging is a new art, i believe it. despite the stupidest name in the world ("blog") invented by some beautiful nerd somewhere this stuff is real and important. why and how? i'm not sure, but i believe it will become apparent in either 2 years or 25 years. i think these things are important. i started this thing because i couldn't finish a website and it was free. now it's this other thing, this way to make something every (almost) day, to try to articulate an idea or feeling through photos, words, or links to meaningless amazing youtube videos. nobody can look or everybody can look, it's nothing and the sum of all things. it's weird to be alive in these times. is it any weirder than any other time? at least we have these things we can do. this thing has given me ideas, experiences, friends, and headaches. let's not take it all too seriously, but still allow ourselves to give a shit. i don't know what else i've done 500 times in my life on purpose. (except the 500 push-ups i do every morning. you think this is an accident?) use it or lose it. let it out or let it die. blog muscle.
happy 500th birthday, crooked arm. the blog lives, long live the blog.


i made it back home from going home. everything is new again.

magic in white, miniature top hat. both bride and groom at once.

even the cars are cool and/or nerds. i used to have this exact truck but black. she was named "blackie lawless". in middle school there was a girl whose last name was lawless and we called her "braless". blackie braless.

start your say with some non-vegan symmetry and rooster sauce. it's from trader joe's, dude, it's organic.

tight buds are stoked

i listened to this song about 5 times on the plane ride yesterday. let's all get married right now. the next post to this blog is number 500. remember when i said i was gonna stop it at 500? i totally lied to you. but i'm trying to think up something meaningful.