Friday, November 30, 2007

milvia night

happy birthday, amy!

sam made a poster that looked like america's next top model, but good. fierce!

minardi and eunice kept it classy. i apologize for my harsh flash.
i am blogged out, man.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

more wood

two more of the komische shred decks...

shred city! beware of the fang of the serpent!

this guy again...
colors will most likely vary.


a little late on this, but here's a shirt i did for dwell.

step into my hobbit hole.

note the bubble-pod observation deck

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

video days

new age tuesdays continue!

harry smith

harry partch

yoko and some hippies

Sunday, November 25, 2007

gooned out

more in this new mini-series. there will be ten all together. i didn't do the love one yet but that's coming up this week sometime. drawing as meditation, full on flex.

newly obsessed with the term/name "goon" after watching half of slapshot starring paul newman.

i could draw smoke for days. i love watching the ink and water do their things. the process is the pay off.

more things:
-mick turner/tren brothers "blue trees"
-egg sandwich
-epicly layered

glad everybody is doing alright.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

the mindless timeless

chilly san francisco saturday mornings make me feel fine.
got up and walked down to phil's for some coffee and by the time i got home i was riding the bean heavy and hard.
decided to begin work on a book of drawings and legendary myth but figured i would start with the drawings and work backwards.
what is more universal than good versus evil? maybe love. that's the next one. we'll see if i can finish it and find a way to print it for mass consumption.

how's everybody doing? i worry.
here's some stuff i've been into:
-bill fox (i looked for his records forever, finally just bought them on itunes. epic smallness.)
-subletting a room with nothing in it but a desk and a bed. i secretly wish for a small fire to burn up all my stuff i have stored away somewhere.
-pepperidge farm
-friends, why do i know so many great people? because i don't hang out with jerks. everyone i know is a genius.
-the conversation by francis ford coppola. holy crap!
-wooly hat
-my new f*%#ing sweater from norway

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

brand new autumn

i have returned to the bay area but not to my home. i'm moving out of there and floating for a little while. here's the morning view out the window of the place where i am staying for the next week or two:

and here is my new favorite sweater, purchased yesterday. it is from norway. just in time for the holiday season:

this sweater means a lot to me. i spent more money on it than i have on almost any piece of clothing in a while: $30. i bought it from a little store underneath the office where i work sometimes. a little place that's been there for years, supplying the east bay with all their pants needs. but this sweater is important because i've been trying to make a conscious effort to spend my money on real valuable things that will last at independent shops. you gotta vote with your dollars because that's really the only thing many people understand. sometimes it's not too convenient but you have to go out of your way to keep the important stuff alive. imagine ten years from now with no little bookstores, no record shops, only macy's and target to buy your clothes. this sweater is the past and the future all in one! viva la sweater!

that's why i like this weblog deal. one day you can write about art or music, some inspiring thing, or a stupid sweater. god bless the internet.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

olde thymes

i found these old poster images. i think enough time has passed that i think these are cool again. makes me want to make show posters again. actually, no it does not.
i always hated printing more than two colors. i like to think it was not laziness but a love of economic design. but it was probably both.
check out sweet marcel as the star of the second one down!

new age tuesday: my two watts

inspirational moment part one:

alan watts

mike watt

there is more than enough written about these two guys all over the internet by people who are much better at it than myself. so you should read all those things if you have a minute.

the things i love about these two is their ability to look at the big picture. you can make your own life, you can make your own art, you can find peace and purpose by discovering your connection to all things. and depending on how you are feeling and which one you are thinking about at the moment, you can either work really hard or just relax and not feel guilty about it. provided you get back to work right after, that is. because nobody is gonna do it for you. nobody is going to hand you some enlightenment, you know. that thunderbroom ain't gonna play itself!

i suggest this one, it's my favorite.

dude has a presence.
and if you have not seen the movie "we jam econo", it will blow your mind and make you feel like you can do anything in the world, which, of course, you can.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

shred sled

pretty much all i have wanted to do since i was about 13 was draw some skateboard graphics. here are two that i did a few months ago that i believe are going into production pretty soon. one is a longer board and one is for downhilling i think.
there was a time when a skull or a flaming sword or something pretty much summed up how i felt about skating. but i don't really have any fun drawing those kind of things. i'm more comfortable with drawing some goofy cosmos dwellers. some benevolent buddies with some deep dark truth they don't think you're ready for just yet. but it's a mistake to think i thought or think about any of these things when i draw. i mostly just draw. these are kind of in the same vein as this dude. i heard these are getting the old sikscreen treatment. there are 3 more coming. i'd like to eventually have my own skateboard company. a total vanity project. it would be all team models. not really i guess, i'd just like to have some boards show up at my door with some rad drawings on them, now that i think about it. limited edition style. people need to not take everything so seriously, including not taking everything so seriously. moderation in moderation? freak out.
please continue to be good.

ye olde kosmic shredder

the galaxy's sleeve

Friday, November 16, 2007


i did a collage and some lettering and some designy business for a seven inch by port o'brien. this is the cover.

this is the back. sixties national geographic source material.

i always love 4-color labels. my favorite ever are on wings "wild life".

long live the tangible object! viva la physical format!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

ritual maneuver

i'm starting to think about a show coming up in april that i want to be good. so i'm drawing a lot and listening to a lot of joseph campbell lectures and drinking a lot of coffee. and just generally feeling pumped and excited about making things. long talks with friends about what it means to make pictures, why it matters, and why it is so exciting. the challenges and the struggle and all that.

here's a new one that will lead to some other things that will hopefully look nothing like this, but still about something having to do with rituals and relearning. we'll see about that:

the other night amy noblit and myself drank beers and did exquisite corpses that eventually devolved into scribbles on paper folded in half. man, it was fun. still on the lookout for that cabin in the woods in bloomington if anyone has any leads and a hundred thousand dollars.

chris and nobs:

have you read the book "exquisite corpse"? it's all about how a buddy of the surrealist guys living in LA at the time (man ray, duchamp, etc) probably killed the black dahlia as some kind of artistic tribute. fascinating.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

new beginnings

wrapping it all up.

later for you, mike love.

keep it blurry in the autumn driveway.

this is exactly what it felt like, too.

fireside beers and micron battles.

burd trying to steal my style!

whatever, dad.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

golden goodness

back at my mom's house in indiana, and rooting around in the basement finding all kinds of junk. i stumbled on a box of old books from when i was a little kid and it blew my mind. so here is a really long post about some really great books that meant a lot to me as a kid and the really great drawings that were inside of them.

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy
by Charles M. Schulz

i just watched a pbs special on charles schulz the other day, and it made me think that he is perhaps one of the best american artists. you should really watch that program. i'm planning on going to the museum in santa rosa when i get back.

this was given to my mother in 1963. some things never change.

The Enormous Crocodile
by Roald Dahl, illustrations by Quentin Blake

long lost slipcover, this cover makes me very happy.

such a rad style. so quick and perfect. check out the lion's face! cracks me up.

Lyle Finds His Mother
by Bernhard Weber

oh man, i was such a lyle fan as a kid. check out's mom's hair. something about an alligator eating crackers is perfect. such a different approach to the reptile than mr. dahl from up above. lyle was a sensitive kid.

this breaks my heart.

Our Animal Friends
by Alice and Martin Provensen

the lines, man, the lines! and again with the left-aligned serif text combined with watercolor. you really can't go wrong with that.

lambs are full of fun. yes, i do see the lamb getting his rump licked at the bottom of the page. don't be gross. look at that log!

by Brian Froud and Alan Lee

these guys also did Giants and Gnomes, both of which were fascinating to me for obvious reasons. beautiful stunning drawings. look at the curve on this guy's back. this shit is luscious.

this guy, redcap, scared the living shit out of me as a kid.

The Muppet Show Book
drawings by Tudor Banus

it's so great to see these drawings of your muppet buddies. love how vincent price and his muppet goon feature in this story and that it's laid out with the script itself. when looking at these, i could not tell you details about the storylines, but i get such a feeling of being a kid again. the same feelings come right back and i remember sitting on a giant chair looking at this stuff.

this is so weird, so cosmic.
if you have a kid, get them books and keep them forever.