Tuesday, July 5, 2016

tuesday vibe

i know you're not supposed to ride a bike with headphones on, that it's very dangerous. but i used to do it everyday when i lived in west oakland and those late night/early morning bike rides to and from a friend's house, work, the bar, the studio, the bart is what kept me sane through some weird times. every now and then i stumble upon a song that would get heavy rotation on those rides and i can almost smell the emeryville again.

music is amazing. and is a magic thing! transportational even.

and you know what:  they still got it, man.

i find this inspirational and exciting. a year or so ago i saw these guys play at my local record store, luna, and it was amazing. i wasn't familiar with any of their stuff anymore but it transcended. i like seeing bands like that. fresh. i saw them back in 97 too at a little coffee shop not to far away from i used to buy dog food. do you ever wish you left permanent identifiable footprints everywhere you ever went so you could see if you're standing in the exact same spot again? but this time you wear some vans instead of reeboks or a some sandals.