Thursday, December 30, 2010

new nothings 2011

new calendar for a new year!
this year, i made a tear-away sheet for each month.

check out the perforations for easier tearing-away.

all the pages are fastened with these weird metal clasps i found.

here's what the top part looks like.
my little ron cameron tribute
here's wishing you year of new nothings.

like i said, each month has a page, with space for writing stuff like your kids' doctor's appointment or steve's rad party

also birthdays of note, some moon phases, made-up and real holidays

a couple suggestions for those off-days, too

it's a two-color silkscreen on yellow recycled paper
photocopied pages for the months
it's 18x24 as usual

signed and numbered edition of 100
you can get one here
hope you like it and that the last couple days of your 2010 are sweeter than you could even dare to dream. 2011 should be the one, right? right.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

dawg daze

working like a dirty lazy dog trying to get this thing done before 2010 ends...
tomorrow? let's hope.

Friday, December 24, 2010

mystery blister & peacebum

Special Exits: Joyce Farmer from DANGEROUS MINDS on Vimeo.

this is an interview with joyce farmer about her book "special exits" that i got from the dangerous minds website. her book is about caring for her elderly parents and nursing homes and aging and death. it took her 13 years to draw and write. i've been going through a similar experience with my grandmother for a while. the processes and transitions that aging brings and some of the things ms. farmer talks about really ring as the truth. it's something we don't really think about until we're confronted with it in real life, and really, there's no way one could accurately imagine it: getting old and losing our grips on self-sufficiency and reality. it's a fucking bummer. but i guess one of those important meaningful bummers. (a joyful bumming. peaceful bummer. new word: peacebumming. "no, it's cool. it's more of peacebumming. it's important") honestly, caring for and being around my grandmother the past year and a half has been the heaviest, funniest, most frustrating, and most important series of experiences i've had. i can't wait to find and read the book. the interview also goes into her 60s and 70s comic work and feminist artworks. this lady is my new hero.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

five dollar foot song

harsh lights harsh winter

the only thing that can keep me warm is a manly beverage

then i bring it down with some reggae drink.

-ed varie has some photos from that book show here

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fade to black and yellow

well well well, look what lazy grampa santa brought us. it's a new version of the "eternal & you" print. this one's been updated with two new colors: black and a pale yellow on white paper. it's a second edition of 50, signed and numbered. and you can get it here if you want.

Monday, December 20, 2010

never not cruising around

luna is a the record store i worked at some years ago here in indianapolis. we made a record bag!

and some shirts. watch the product, man!

if you can guess what me and michael (asst. manager?) used to listen to when we swept up after closing up the shop in 2000 i will send you a free prize. (hint: it was not allowed to be played while the store was open) actually, that dude never swept up. he made me do it. then i would have to go buy him roast chicken from boston market with a side of corn.

there was a time when people were always trying to get me to draw bigfoots and i would say, "NO." but it's winter and this dude must cruise. if you want one of these for your holiday t-shirt wearing needs, you can go to the luna store online here or go to the actual store and get some records and support your local independent record shop.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

brown friday

-i put up a handful (10) of small brown drawings on my store page
-print and a calendar and some more little guys next week or over the weekend or something like that
-happy solstice everybody

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

blur coast

here's a couple snaps from the recent trip out to los angeles

the first night or two we stayed over by philip marlowe's house. he wasn't home and sadly, neither were his neighbors.

chris made us a wall. legit!

sweet little shelves for the dudes. KD's and my stuff went together like brothers from different mothers.

look who showed up!

look at this weird animal.

i also listened to this record a bunch. it's required if you drive through arizona. they give it to you at the border. this video is from the club about a mile from where i live. i think i was in 2nd or third grade when they played that night. maybe 20 miles away. now i am posting a video of them on the internet on my weblog. technology!

- wait they changed the video on me! the one i put up was from 85. weak.

Friday, December 10, 2010

secret knots

this place is too good

night pillow dream rock

cusp walkin

we are for this if you are around come on down

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

crooked trippin

i am on the road and on the way

i am into your gradient, earth

silvery whispers and winks

we got to the park too late, but i will still frolic

glimmer and the glare


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


last night i had a dream that robert crumb died. he had flown to colorado to do a recording for an epic poem he had written. the poem was supposed to cover the entire life cycle of birth to death. he became so overcome with emotion during the recitation that he wept and slipped into a coma and died in the recording booth. i read about it on a gossip website on the internet.
weird things about this:
-why would somebody who draws and illustrates do a sound recording of an epic poem?
-why colorado?
true things about this:
-that poem would be sick!
-i probably would find out from a gossip website