Tuesday, December 22, 2015

this week at the end of the year roundup

merry holiday: it's a blog.
chiming back in here are the end of the year to say: holy crap. what a year that was! good stuff and bad stuff and medium stuff and weird stuff and stuff and stuff!

let's watch tv:

today i watched this video and was inspired to be grateful!

the other day i watched this video and missed some friends!

a couple months ago i watched this video for a song from what, as it turns out, is my favorite record this year. it makes me sad and happy at the same time like good art is supposed to do.

i had this idea of a big year end round up of all the good stuff but maybe that's too much pressure.
let me just ease back in
like a toe in a hot tub
like bite of a burrito
like a sniff of the spray

i hope you all sniffed it and rolled around in it this year even if you didn't want to.
it's good for us!


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