Thursday, October 9, 2014


these are some books i made for my most recent art show at mollusk in beautiful san francisco california. they are without exception pieces of wood painted just so as to resemble an actual book. they are not real books that you can open and read. they are real things but a different kind of thing than they represent. or not? let's not dig too deep here.

a book about what you're expectig to happen

 don't we all need this? who knows what we're supposed to be doing here? i'll tell you: the person who wrote this for us.

somebody had to do it right? or some thing? here it is condensed.

there are so many ways to live it, here are several.

a collection of them all right here in a beautiful coffee table-suitable display.

new happenings in sad

this is how they handled things 1937-1938

a songbook of songs to sing about/for/to/in spite of all that surrounds

i really am!

finally it can be told! for us by us.

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