Friday, September 5, 2014

cool dorks

i was driving around town this morning going to garage sales and this song came on:

i live in indiana so everytime you turn on the radio there's a 75% chance you will here a little johnny cougar wthin 10 minutes. i have been inoculated since early childhood on him. but something i realized today: this song kind of rules. and this video also kind of rules. i mean, these dudes are dorks. just look at them, with their scarves prancing about in the quarry. but like, sincere dorks. almost overly dork. but they believe in it, man. they believe in the song! i would have loved to have accidentally walked into them shooting this video, lip-synching while wearing their fingerless gloves. i would cheer them on and shout "get it, dudes!" i love it. and you know what: everyone DOES need a hand to hold on to. it does not need to be no rich hand or a strong hand. this shit is real.
it made me think again that i should really move to bloomington. so i watched this:

now i want to get a better bike.
and after all this i came back to my personal king of the sincere romantic cool guy dorks.
here is our eddie:

may you have a pleasant and cozy weekend and may we all be as big of dorks some time in our life.

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