Wednesday, December 4, 2013

trans sun

maybe this is just going to turn into  a music blog? hasn't it always been half that? well i think about music a lot and i that's what i feel like. i have been revisiting this album lately. what a record. what a band! i saw them twice on this tour and my face fell off. it was wonderful! it's worth listening to this record again, 16(!) years later. i remember thinking it was like van halen and kraftwerk had a dumb baby. and they did, and it was this.

in finding this video and seeing this record cover again i just realized that i fully ripped off this album cover on accident  last year with this print:
shameless! could it be that these things burrow into my brain and then ooze out years later with no clue as to their origins? i feel like this happens more than i know. sorry trans am! but thank you!

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Matt said...

always awesome to run into another Trans Am fan! Love the blog/your artwork. Really.