Friday, December 20, 2013

computer basics

i did a bunch of proposals for a mural and i used the computer to make different colors and mess with the lines of my original drawings. i like the way these look. i ended up doing something totally different for the mural which i will show you one day but not now because it's none of your business. just kidding, it's just not totally done and well-lit yet. it's all of our business. i still would like to do one of these as big as a building one day so hit me up if you have a building or a billboard or something and want to bring me to europe or kentucky or whatever. let's get primitive and light. we'll paint the wall and get lunch and go to bed early. and life will be like that! we can bring our dogs and families and sit around the fire at night because your building that i am going to paint is in the woods somewhere. my friend chris' dream house is a warehouse by a lake. maybe we can do that and then he can move in. i am manifesting all this on my dream board. wishes and big drawings of hands and plants forever!

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