Thursday, October 18, 2012

japanese whisper

 gelfling styles
 pleasantness everywhere
 i went to a really expensive reggae record store and couldn't afford anything. it appears that they get records shipped to them from jamaica in banana boxes. yes!
 this was our favorite place to eat on the trip. right behind our hotel. it's called "me me me." it wasn't really japanese food, more like a japanese take on some old fashioned american stuff. it was great. a real classy one man show. 
 i love this label.
 everywhere i looked, tommy lee jones was pissed at this dog.
 somebody was repping french lick
 the best part about this was not that it said "reefer" on it (grow up!), or even the really good bottle, but the ying-yang symbol in the wine glass. perfect!
this was the first drawing i did for the show and i thought it was silly and stupid and i only included it at the last minute. but now it is my favorite. 

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