Tuesday, October 16, 2012

design research vol. one

 the grid vs nature
 modeling clay or reggae record label? something about the shape of that lion's chin is comforting. i like the cut of his jib.
 i love a cosmic sandwich board. this place had mysterious cd's, amulets, and a general warm vibration emanating from within. love that mailbox shape, too.
 thank you for making this, person who made this. 
 symmetry sort of. that side table had a built in radio and one of the stations was just ambient music and ocean waves. it was actually way less relaxing than it sounds. 
 the only thing funnier that marijuana culture is touristy marijuana culture. although i wouldn't mind some reggae flip flops.
 american meat exploitation. i am offended.
squared off and simple but those tiles are throwing in a monkey wrench, huh?

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