Tuesday, August 16, 2011

facts and figures

hello eastern southerners, myself and my good friend mark taylor are showing drawings in durham, north carolina on friday. this is the poster for it.
here's a funny thing: it's at another buddy's gallery and salon called rock, paper, scissors. the last time mark and i worked together was at a gallery called rock, paper, scissors in oakland. the two are unrelated. cosmic!

i made a big batch of small drawings and these are some of them. you may have seen some others in my blog posts from the past week or two. guess who got some black and red sumi ink in japan? me.

we also made a little booklet for the show that will be there on premises. there were grand plans to make an appearance and play music at the opening, but, alas, reality has set in and a trip to NC is not in the cards for myself or mark. we are sending these images as our proxies.

we're in the pages! the goal is to show a whole bunch of drawings and keep it fun, interesting, and inexpensive for people who are looking or taking home some art. i think mark and i's drawing fit together really well. they are funny and deep depending on who's looking at what. or not. there's gonna be well over 100 things to look at. easy peasy!

friendship and linkage


magical said...

roaaaaaaaadddddddddd trippp!

E said...

Hey Nat! I <3 the stuff you make! If you have some drawings laying around, i would be really excited to do issue 8 of my collaboration zine Double Happiness with you!
Double Happiness Zine

erica_parrott (at) yahoo.com