Wednesday, August 17, 2011


the new art park journal is out and includes: Magnus McTavish, Michelle Lockwood, Mike Mills, Jim Newitt, Jim Houser, A.Mac & Rosie Kavanavoch, Stephan Backes, Beastman, Ben Brown, Tristan Ceddia, Fernando Elvira, Douglas Lance Gibson, Nic Warnock, Daniel Entonado, Ben Havenaar, Charlie Gordon, Cathie Glassby, Nathaniel Russell, Andrew Gordon, Brendan Huntley, Mia Taninaka, Nolan Hall, Tim Moore, Anthony Lister, Pedro Ramos, Garry Trinh, We Buy Your Kids, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Justin Williams.
i think it's free (plus shipping) here. take a look at it in the previewing area.
serena is in it! mike mills interview! good things!

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