Thursday, December 18, 2008


i made it back home from going home. everything is new again.

magic in white, miniature top hat. both bride and groom at once.

even the cars are cool and/or nerds. i used to have this exact truck but black. she was named "blackie lawless". in middle school there was a girl whose last name was lawless and we called her "braless". blackie braless.

start your say with some non-vegan symmetry and rooster sauce. it's from trader joe's, dude, it's organic.

tight buds are stoked

i listened to this song about 5 times on the plane ride yesterday. let's all get married right now. the next post to this blog is number 500. remember when i said i was gonna stop it at 500? i totally lied to you. but i'm trying to think up something meaningful.


Katie said...

Glad you were lying.

AJA said...

i've been really into that song lately, too. weird.

Choinacky said...

I never saw pictures of Spiral Staircase but I imagined the person singing was a woman all these years.