Sunday, December 14, 2008

bibliography pt. two

"blew all my money on duct tape" 1999, edition of 50-ish. i think i sewed all these together because i didn't have a stapler but i had a lot of time.

still finding stuff in the mom archives

i worked in a art supply store, did hardly any work, just drew all these pictures one summer. sorry, gordy's art mart.

it's been a while since i looked at this, realizing all my concerns are about the same, hopefully just narrowing down a little in the execution

new brain same as the old brain

basically just a bunch of drawings about memory and love and cosmic concerns. lots of skateboarding talk, lots of random lines from sketchbooks and journals.

i was convinced this was the deepest stuff ever

magic summer, same summer as Yart and robot rainbow. gotta find that evidence. looking at this stuff now makes me feel old and lazy. back to the lake!


magical said...

i've still got my robot rainbow t-shirt!!!

Toddy said...

Man, I love sew together drawy sort of books. Looks great.