Tuesday, December 19, 2006

rad dude association

i was in home economics class in 7th grade with my friend joe. we took a written test about food and joe knew he would fail. so he filled in funny answers to questions. such as:

q: how long should one cook fish?
a: until it's done

q: what does RDA stand for?
a: rad dude association

i have nothing knew to post as i have several buns in the oven. but if there was rad dude association, these guys would be on the board of supervisors. their art was their life and their life was art. top to bottom: antonio frasconi, ray johnson (photo by bill wilson), and harry partch.


Bill said...

Since you have posted one of my photographs of Ray Johnson, offer me a snail-mail address so that I can send you more: Bill Wilson

minarnie said...

How do you subscribe for membership? Is there an application?

Let's just say I am interested.