Friday, December 22, 2006

print of the month: year of the thing

this month i made something half-way useful: a calendar. a zodiac calendar. 2 color silkscreen on yellow paper. 15.5 inches wide and 23 inches tall. suitable for framing, thumbtacking, or rolling up and hiding in your closet for 20 years until your child finds it and hangs it in their dorm room with black lights shining upon it, finally releasing years of hidden mojo. Edition of 50, signed and numbered. $25 shipping included, paypal: nb_russell (at) if you order today i can ship tomorrow for a new year's delivery. i am better at shipping quicker now, having worked out some kinks from last month.

thanks again to all the subscribers and patrons. i appreciate each and every one of you and also love you.

wanna be guaranteed to take part in next month's print? send me your shirt size.
thanks again,
your buddy



this is so awesome

minarnie said...

can you make me a shirt of the calendar? That would be rad.

Also, I think I should only pay 5 dollars for it, since it was my idea.


Buddy Nuggets said...

i just got my cal.
so mcorganized now.