Sunday, November 17, 2013


are you into nina simone? shouldn't you be? shouldn't we all just really dig into nina simone for a while? maybe this is that week.

what drove me to this is the record "to love somebody" where she does devastating covers of 60s popular songs like the above leonard cohen jam. of course i heard other songs here and there over the years, but her version of "tom thumb's blues" on that album is insane. it literally drives me to insanity for 10 seconds when i hear that song. then i found this mississippi records compilation tape called "fuck you america" that is as heavy as it sounds. so heavy. and then you want to go deeper but oh man there's like 21 other albums? and they are probably all good? this is what we need to occupy ourselves in life: intense and protracted investigation and discovery of past works to enlighten, entertain and confuse.

i now accept nina simone LPs in decent shape (no reissues) as payment for artworks, prints, and jibber-jabber appointments.

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