Wednesday, October 23, 2013


months ago i was invited to do a performance at TEDx Indianapolis, an independently organized TED event that happens here in town. lots of emails and a few months later here we are. the theme of this year's talk was "mix it up" and collaboration was encouraged. i did a song that i wrote a couple years ago called 'nitewalker' accompanied by Time For Three, a trio that has been in residence at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for the past 5 years. the symphony played, then time for three played with the symphony and then the symphony bailed and TF3 played with me. we had maybe 5 minutes of rehearsal time but these guys are real professionals (as well as being just really nice people). we talked about just playing around an E all the way through and it felt good. you know in the movie Back To The Future when Marty McFLy turns to the band and is like "it's a blues in E, follow me for the changes..." and then lets it rip? it was like that in a very mellow one-chord non-ego kind of way. i felt like we were able to ride the vibe and discover the vibe as we went and i am thankful for that. playing music feels really good lately.  i will say it was trippy seeing a thousand people in front of me and knowing my parents were out there watching, but luckily i forgot about all that in the moment. the TED event was at the circle theater in downtown indianapolis, a place i've been going to since  i was about 8 years old for the occasional symphony concert with my folks. i am very thankful to all involved for being given this incredible experience and to be able to play this song. and i am also happy to display this bootleg video as filmed by the wonderful katie coles. what a thing!

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