Monday, August 12, 2013

wuf above all

gosh dang it, i love the thrift store:
 it's always hard moving to a new town. you can try to change who you are to fit in with a new crowd, you can isolate yourself, or you can start a butt-kicking band and really show those new kids how it's done. you ever seen footloose? it's like that. but NUCLEAR.
 you are so welcome for the dove. i'd like to now thank you for making an entire album about the dove.
 why was i not born 10-20 years earlier? things used to be awesome. like panty-hose lady over here and her little wicker chair. want to see what the panty hose look like? well check out this little window we cut in the package for you to see it through. and check out our font: these panty hose are trippy, son., in case you didn't know. also: NO PANTS WILL BE TOLERATED.
 this is some of my new sculpture. i call it "SPARKLE TREVOR"
i tease because i love.

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