Tuesday, March 12, 2013

filled to the brim

i am trying to make something printy to send into the world every other month or so in 2013. in january there was the calendar and the shirt, and now here is a new thing:
do you know what i mean with this? or maybe you can tell me what you mean. or not?
this is an 18x24 three color silk screen in an edition of 75.
of course it is signed and numbered by myself.
it was printed by the always incredible and amazing Bloom in Oakland.
let's take a closer look at that cup real quick:
mmmm... cosmicy.
this is an idea i've been monkeying with a little bit over the past few months and i am happy to offer it up to planet earth and beyond. we're putting ours in the kitchen. thanks, as always, for taking the time and looking. good vibes!