Thursday, September 1, 2011

blizzard of oz

i flew to australia on tuesday. i skipped wednesday and showed up on a thursday. day one.

the sun sets in texas, creating a romantic scene between a plane and portable hallway

the sun shows up again over the pacific somewhere. this kind of stuff is magical.

if i was a stewardess: attention ladies and gentlemen, if you look to your left you will notice that we are flying above a bunch of clouds. we are flying above CLOUDS. you know what's underneath those clouds? THE OCEAN. look at what is happening to us right now.

i flew all this way just to see this guy get some and he blew it.

the local swimming hole

i ran into this guy a couple times in one afternoon. i think we have decided to be bros.

what my front door looks like. my ipod dock speakers are sitting out there because i fried them on australian power and they caught fire. way to stink up the joint.

it's hard to see, but these are some of the hundreds of bats that were flying over me and into the jungle-like area across the way. big old bats just cruising around, getting down to business. this is what you need to see when you are jetlagged and goofed out and ready for it. bats!

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k said...

don't burn down the town before i get there.