Friday, June 11, 2010

timing of the tithe n' stuff

all-day weekend:
-california people: there is this heavy show opening tonight that will be great. you can go and say you are me and scam free wine. i won't see it for a couple weeks.
-indiana people: damien jurado for free on saturday afternoon. outside! harrison center!
-it's true, there is nothing a little fuzzy bass sound can't cure:

strange things about blogs and the making of such:
-how you can't see the right third of videos because of the links list on the right. doesn't google own blogger AND youtube? get it together, googlers.
-weird japanese porno in the comments. luckily for you, i delete them before you ever see them, dear reader. does this ever work?
-by the end of the summer i'll hit post 1000. what then? maybe form a support group.


leisure time said...

nathaniel russell said...

basically, yes.