Thursday, January 28, 2010

first edition

i made a small run of these FAILED MEMOIRS books.
this first edition is of 15 copies.

here's some details in list form:
-i sewed all the bindings by hand, no staples.
-16 color pages, a title sheet, and a hand-lettered cover
-each copy is numbered out of 15
-the booklet includes all the book covers in the previous posts plus a couple others i didn't post here.
-i think i'm gonna make another larger edition with different covers next week. those will be sold at a couple shops and a gallery.
-these first copies have the special bonus in the form of a small ink drawing i'm going to stick inside each one. it's gonna be a drawing of a face. it's a surprise.

this is the cover. the title is written in ink by me on each one.
the cover is made out of recycled/repurposed cut-up leftover 2009 calendars.

this is the title page. you can see the image from the leftover calendar on the inside there.

this is the page where i write the edition number. this one is 5 of 15.

this is what a couple of the pages look like.

this is what the centerfold looks like. you can kind of see the thread binding.

i'll let you know where to get the new edition, sans bonus drawing.

thanks for looking.
thanks for the support.

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