Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the ideas for things group

if you've looked at this blog, you know that i just had a show in indiana and that i made a lot of things specifically for this show called THING. one of the things i made for the show was a group of silkscreens called IDEAS FOR THINGS. these were small drawings from sketchbooks and scraps i made to remind myself to finish bigger projects, to take these ideas and add colors and bedazzle them and make them somehow more bigger and better. but then i realized that these ideas themselves were complete, that these drawings were complete, that they captured what i needed. so then these rough ideas and approximations were themselves the real deal. i started thinking about potential, what that means. i made them big and printed them on white paper with black ink. and there they are: done. in editions of 20, they are done.

i've gotten some emails about the show and about the prints. i really appreciate any and all the comments and the responses. it's nice to know that there are people out there. most of the emails want to know what's for sale, how many are left, etc. well here's what's happening: i am putting together 8 portfolios of the 5 prints. the portfolio includes:
-each of the 5 prints, signed and numbered, 18x24
-the book from the show (visible a few posts below)
-a certificate of authenticity that i will make up and sign as i send them off.
-a bunch of packing and cardboard and paper surrounding all of the above in order to protect it when i send it through the post.

each portfolio costs $150.00 including shipping if you live in the united states.
i only made 8 of these, so when they are gone, that's it.
so send an email to crookedarm (at) if you're interested and we'll get it sorted.

if you are interested in individual prints, go to email them and see if they have any left. when the show is over, i'll let you know what's left and what's not.

thanks again to everybody who asked about it, and i'm sorry to subject you to such commerce at this hour of the day. i'm finishing my website at long last this weekend and then this blog will get back to the dirty business of digital photos and celebrity gossip.

UPDATE: 3 left as of thursday afternoon. i'm just saying.

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