Monday, September 10, 2007

heaven is slowwwwww

what was summer?
it was this.

this is my 100th post.
as a hi-five out to you, the mysterious reader (and minardi), there is a mix of songs that answer the question, "what was summer?" it sounded like this.
thanks again for looking. big and better things to come. let's hope.

i'm just assuming the link above will have a problem of some sort. in which case, i will redo it. so check again.


Daniel said...

Thanks and praises for the summer soul. Sounds like a sunrise log session with a little skate fun midday then into the evening glass for a few more sliders.

Toddy said...

Funny Richard Brautigan postlogue.

ribbonspublications(at) said...

nat! my cheeks are honor to be woven into your summer soundial, a true treat to have a ship song in such killer company, great mix (I was listening as i drove back from a sunset hike this evening, boy was it the dream).

happy 100th you old fart.