Monday, July 16, 2007


list of things:
-"from bauhaus to our house" by tom wolfe. this guy hates le corbusier. includes a photo of frank lloyd wright wearing a cape.
-bobby brown "live" not the former member of new edition, this guy.
-deadwood season 3! dude, mr. hearst is a jerk. will swearingen ever have his day in the sun? i think dan is my new favorite character. he has feelings, and they can get hurt just like yours, and then he will stab you.
-coffee! ride the bean, my friends.
-buen taco truck, 14th and foothill. tres al pastor!
-do it! by jerry rubin. designed by quentin fiore!
-ok so it's taking me a while to finish the new print of the month, but it will be worth it. so shut up.


ARD said...

Dan is especially amazing when he is explaining complicated stuff to Johnny. I wish people still spoke like they do in deadwood.

ribbonspublications(at) said...

The enlightening beam of axonda is so deep it put my butt to sleep.

Where did you get the live dope?

nathaniel russell said...

amoeba new arrivals, bro. then to my trusty stash spot. i'll tape it!