Sunday, November 18, 2007

shred sled

pretty much all i have wanted to do since i was about 13 was draw some skateboard graphics. here are two that i did a few months ago that i believe are going into production pretty soon. one is a longer board and one is for downhilling i think.
there was a time when a skull or a flaming sword or something pretty much summed up how i felt about skating. but i don't really have any fun drawing those kind of things. i'm more comfortable with drawing some goofy cosmos dwellers. some benevolent buddies with some deep dark truth they don't think you're ready for just yet. but it's a mistake to think i thought or think about any of these things when i draw. i mostly just draw. these are kind of in the same vein as this dude. i heard these are getting the old sikscreen treatment. there are 3 more coming. i'd like to eventually have my own skateboard company. a total vanity project. it would be all team models. not really i guess, i'd just like to have some boards show up at my door with some rad drawings on them, now that i think about it. limited edition style. people need to not take everything so seriously, including not taking everything so seriously. moderation in moderation? freak out.
please continue to be good.

ye olde kosmic shredder

the galaxy's sleeve


Mystic Friendsy said...

yes! so nice. i feel like space skating.

david/frank=ribbons said...

nat everytime i read you're blog i get nostalgic for the days of waxing up the curb in front of my parents house and passing notes with sk8 graffics to my friends in class. you're channeling my teenage self! but it's newer and cooler!

i look foward to a casual sunday cruise when you get back to california, not too serious, not too not serious.

jesse said...

oh my god dude. sooo great.

minardi said...

Dude - I want to get me a galaxy sleeve.