Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new age tuesday: my two watts

inspirational moment part one:

alan watts

mike watt

there is more than enough written about these two guys all over the internet by people who are much better at it than myself. so you should read all those things if you have a minute.

the things i love about these two is their ability to look at the big picture. you can make your own life, you can make your own art, you can find peace and purpose by discovering your connection to all things. and depending on how you are feeling and which one you are thinking about at the moment, you can either work really hard or just relax and not feel guilty about it. provided you get back to work right after, that is. because nobody is gonna do it for you. nobody is going to hand you some enlightenment, you know. that thunderbroom ain't gonna play itself!

i suggest this one, it's my favorite.

dude has a presence.
and if you have not seen the movie "we jam econo", it will blow your mind and make you feel like you can do anything in the world, which, of course, you can.


Frank said...

dearest nathaniel,

so good to be reading your thoughts. I think you write as eloquently as either of the watts.

It brightens my day.

your friend,

econo said...


I am one of the two filmmakers that made We Jam Econo and your single sentence about the film was more thoughtful and insightful that any critic, journalist or reviewer yet. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind words.



nathaniel russell said...

whoa! thanks! that movie is so inspiring! thanks for making it!