Tuesday, November 6, 2007

dollar package

went to the dollar store with grandma in anderson and documented some choice package design as i cruised the aisles. someone should make a book, i would look at it all day.

supercat wraparound.
(i want to design a can for something and rip this off.)

cream of the crap: the caddy and the twins.

jerky can for fishing dudes.
(i think it's important to remember when looking at things in general that somebody somewhere designed it, or painted it, or thought about it really hard before they released it into the world. somebody painted this picture. someone chose that font on purpose. who are they? do they have a portfolio of beef jerky cans? i didn't even know jerky came in cans. can i see more? amazing.)

red beard/red newton.
(thinking about the black and red color separations for this makes me really happy. that is some serious well thought out design, and it is always inspiring to me when someone realizes you don't need a black outline around everything. something i need to learn to do better. do more silkscreens.)

(i think i bought one of these when i went to amsterdam 7 years ago.)

god bless america.
(these raise the question: why is new crappy so much worse than old crappy? will this new crappy look like good crappy in ten years? and why do these look like they would actually taste worse than the cadillac dog food from above?)

grandma's a happy shopper!
(the carts in these stores are half-size, almost child size. i think that's funny.)


magical said...

i love this post. your grandma is great.

jesse said...

i love crazy packaging and i love grandmas!!

Mystic Friendsy said...

i can only and will only, agree with the above said. smart.