Thursday, November 15, 2007

ritual maneuver

i'm starting to think about a show coming up in april that i want to be good. so i'm drawing a lot and listening to a lot of joseph campbell lectures and drinking a lot of coffee. and just generally feeling pumped and excited about making things. long talks with friends about what it means to make pictures, why it matters, and why it is so exciting. the challenges and the struggle and all that.

here's a new one that will lead to some other things that will hopefully look nothing like this, but still about something having to do with rituals and relearning. we'll see about that:

the other night amy noblit and myself drank beers and did exquisite corpses that eventually devolved into scribbles on paper folded in half. man, it was fun. still on the lookout for that cabin in the woods in bloomington if anyone has any leads and a hundred thousand dollars.

chris and nobs:

have you read the book "exquisite corpse"? it's all about how a buddy of the surrealist guys living in LA at the time (man ray, duchamp, etc) probably killed the black dahlia as some kind of artistic tribute. fascinating.


magical said...


magical said...

ever heard of the noblitt-hilt fordaccord? oh man!

Toddy said...

Listening to those Bill Moyers JOseph Campbell sessions are a treat.
God bless PBS.

::alma said...

Nattt! How are you? Where are you? Are you back in the bay? I heard there was a party at your pad this weekend, and I heard about the Halloween thang. What's up with that? Should I attend? I would love to catch up with you. I'm working at a gallery now and would love it if I ever got the opportunity to curate a show with your rad work. How is/was Indoana? Stay in touch.

::alma said...

this is lisa btw

laura b. said...

i have been obsessively exquisite corpse-ing myself lately. well, not know, uh...i myself have been obsessively exquisite corpse-ing lately. with others. i'll show you mine if you'll show me yours :)