Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the colors and the shapes and the big wall and the wood of it

just completed a big old mural deal out in california usa
my buddy chris assisted in the madness and wood work
cut-outs and cosmics
starry eve vs snowy globe
let's take a look:
 day one was all scissor lift classes, finding parking, eating lunch and hoop jumping so it wasn't until day two that i was able to put brush to wall. the beginnings of dudes.
 chris in his element shape-making and wood-smoothing
 shapes come in colors now
 and they wait patiently
 evolutions and the wall hanging begins
 three layers of it
 finishing touches and third coats
 from below the comet scene
 i forgot to take a lot of photos, i hope somebody got some good ones
 starry section
around the corner and down
4 days of busting and hanging and laughing and sleeping
and at the end we have this thing
but better yet on to the next thing

Monday, April 6, 2015


if i could go back in time to 1990-ish i would do a couple things first:
-i would go eat at fast patties, a hamburger place taht used to be over by the mall
-i would go to n-orbit and buy a whole bunch of limpies pants and bring them back to the future, like blue jeans to russia in the reagan 80s

this is kind of making fun of stussy, right? right?

those just look really comfy, man. a guy could really move in those.
i used to see ron allen all the time at the berkeley park and he's still got it, man. is it because of the years he spent in the free-flowing fabric of these stylish pants?
 i would wear these every day. believe it. i just want some leg comfort in my life.

we are all frosty

one time my mom came to pick me up from n-orbit and instead of waiting in the car like she was supposed to she cruised into the shop and started eyeing up the limpies section, and then she bought a pair for herself, and her only, i was both impressed and embarrassed. impressed because she was really going for it, surrounded by a bunch of dumb skate kids. embarrassed because my mom was going to be wearing pants with big stylized wang on the back pocket, which i never had the heart to tell her about. and she wore those things every weekend. 
i wonder if she still has them?

(thanks google image search for the pictures,  thanks to those who scanned and uploaded, i salute you)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

mural times

i have been lagging behind
in more ways than one
but i made a mural with hanging wood things
about 2 months ago
on the campus of facebook
here are two shots for you to look at

this one is of me doing it
5 days of solo painting and installing
i took some sweet epsom salt baths in the hotel room
and drank all the coffee

here's as much as can fit in a camera at once
it goes up about 20 feet or so and wraps around to the right
i'll get some more photos one of these days

thanks for looking

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shore and Nude

The Shore and its Sand
Nude Beach

lathe-cut 7 inch
edition of 35

i made this record to sell at the printed matter los angeles art book fair. i made 35 copies of the record and it came with a 24 page book that illustrated each song like a story book. they are gone or gone from me in the physical realm but exist anew in the digital sphere.

you can listen or download the songs here

and you can watch a video, animated by my talented friends BrainTwins below:

deep cuts

record reviews of some recent cassettes from the local german cafe/european gift shop:

Goofball synth excursions into deep baguette-style noise/crust. 
The anti-hero of cave-squelch returns with his/her most brutal bagel-disco cuts yet. 

 Wurm's debut album, back in print. Struttin' n' buttin' since 1973. 
Includes all-fretless bass version of Wings' entire "back to the egg" LP as bonus track. 

  Clown punk and birthday cake scrunt, wrapped up in a prosciutto slice of lite funk-jazz.
white face paint smeared on a gong.

tub jams for yours and mine. music to loofa by.
dapper gent seeks sudsbros for playful casiotone and kimono play.
sounds like walter becker solo LP played at 45rpm.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

washington state

handful of seattle bits:

breakfast of champions? anybody?

winner of the "rstoring my faith in bumper stickers in the 21st century" award

catamaran drawing from the art show i did about skateboarding
it is still up at 35th north in capitol hill

we made a board. you can get it at that skateshop above

this was not in the show because i forgot about it under the bed

i made a new friend, felt the weight of it

bag advice

more to come

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

life notes

-i think my child speaks fluent Hamburglar
-nothing in my house is child proofed and we are like two days away from full mobility over here
-that most recent thurston moore record is really good
-i had an art show in seattle and i never even wrote  about it on here
-i designed a poster for a festival i wish i could go to (see above)
-i'm working on updating and redesigning my website (boring)
-the balance of life and work and life is a tightrope, friends, let us help one another
-i want to make a skateboard graphic that is strictly for dads. like a screaming baby that's like the ripper graphic. or like one of those old slime balls ads where rob roskopp is barfing but it's... i don't even know but somebody is barfing.
-there is actually very little barfing going down in our house
-sorry for all the barf writing
-peace to us all