Wednesday, March 30, 2016


-i recently (yesterday) did a drawing for an op-ed in the new york times. when you do these kind of things it's real deadline-y, like sketches by 2, final by 5 now go do it! but this article was great and the editor was helpful and proactive and it was just a nice experience. i mean, it was very stressful but now that it's done i can say it was and is nice to be a part of such a timeless institution. i am happy for the next 10 minutes at least!

-music is a daily part of my life since forever but there are some days, weeks months when i don't want to listen but  i want the atmosphere and environment that sound and music provide. this is what eno meant by ambient music i guess. sp lately i don't want to hear words or too many chords. well, maybe some but just not too many. so i've been enjoying having some things wash over me without me knowing until later. like this weird dead rehearsal from the 80s with a drum machine: 
and this bonnie prince billy and bitchin bajas record which i listen/don't listen to bith while i'm working at home and when i go for my nightly constitutional:
and it seems like many others like this:
quick note: i have discovered in the past years a deep love for the sound of a clarinet. if you can play clarinet you should. 

-i don't know what else? there are many irons in the fire and i am attempting to be grateful and present! there are so many things i'd like to do and it is a constant balance of capitalizing on the energy when it appears, waiting for a proper headspace and making that money. what a life! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

shre sled series

this happened!
and it is a real thing floating around the internet and in real life.
it's been a longtime goal of mine to do skateboard graphics and it's a wonderful feeling to check this off the list. now to do 100 more!
i can't thank my friends at element enough. it's been a great experience and everyone has been respectful, enthusiastic and receptive to everything.

Monday, March 14, 2016

moire notes

-i don't know man, i've been doing drawings and making breakfasts and drinking coffee and trying to sleep better.i find i want to listen to music less and less. or at least the music i used to listen to. i don't want to hear voices or individuals some days, just waves or the sound of many people being folded into one hum. like the above

-i'm adding some things to the store tomorrow.

-i'm reading a really good book about leonard cohen and i am really digging his kind of goofy 80s era with the drum machines in a comforting familiar way. disregard earlier statement about voices and individuals

-greek mythology? pots?

-these ideas for a wall that did not get used:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

this week at the end of the year roundup

merry holiday: it's a blog.
chiming back in here are the end of the year to say: holy crap. what a year that was! good stuff and bad stuff and medium stuff and weird stuff and stuff and stuff!

let's watch tv:

today i watched this video and was inspired to be grateful!

the other day i watched this video and missed some friends!

a couple months ago i watched this video for a song from what, as it turns out, is my favorite record this year. it makes me sad and happy at the same time like good art is supposed to do.

i had this idea of a big year end round up of all the good stuff but maybe that's too much pressure.
let me just ease back in
like a toe in a hot tub
like bite of a burrito
like a sniff of the spray

i hope you all sniffed it and rolled around in it this year even if you didn't want to.
it's good for us!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

hard fire

it's hard. because i feel so scattered and un-care-free to be on the blog like i used to be.
and that is life and it's ok. really. but every now and again i feel the need to chime in because it's not quite time to close the book on it. i've been working hard and been able to do some fun things that are meaningful to me. to make things that people see and then do more is truly a gift.
but right now i'm thinking of music and thinking of these things:
i have a lot of records and used to get caught up in the object and then trying to get more records. all the records. but what is it that made me want the thing? the object? it is because the music. the music that made us want to do things and be more than what we were. or to remember the thing that was. or to be in the thing that is happening. and that is not contained in an object so maybe let's chill out on the object collection and remember that what is important is the thing that is un-grasp-able. it is the feeling and the sound.
speaking of:

holy crap, bruce. bruce reminds me (us) to not think i know so much. i remember being in college and having the feeling that bruce springsteen was terrible. and some guy i just met told me that nebraska was good and i thought "you are a maniac". but he was right. and i thought to myself maybe this whole idea that these musicians that everyone loves are terrible is wrong. why do i think i know so much? and it turns out that bruce has some things that did something for me. not everything, but some things. like this thing. thanks, bruce. zen boss. boss zen.


i feel a tortoise chicago whatever phase coming on. dear family, i apologize in advance but not really. more on this later but maybe this is the jazz for me right now. maybe i felt some things before that need re-feeling.

and now i am going to go do the wii fit because that is what i do now. because i want to feel good and sometimes it's nice to play a dumb game while the kid sleeps and then watch a movie and go to bed early. it's another gift, really.

Monday, June 22, 2015

notes on

take this pinecone, child

-so if you organize your books by color, how do you find the book you're looking for? do i have to remember that "the year of magical thinking" has a green spine if  i want to read it? i went into that installation at adobe and it was really incredible, but i couldn't find anything. which was fine because it was art. but i don't get it, man. do i have too many books? do people not really read their books?

-yesterday was father's day. it was my second as a dad. the kid went ahead and walked his first long solo steps. he wasn't doing it for me or even walking towards me (he was going to somebody he just emt and wanted to go down the stairs) but it was incredible. there was a brand new joyful and proud feeling i'd never had before. something truly outside of myself (but in?). what a thing!

-yesterday was also Go Skateboarding Day so i went to the local park to solo shred. when i began to shred i was reminded that i don't get out skating as much as i want to ever since the kid was born and that i am even more terrible at skateboarding than i have been in a very long time. that felt terrible. so i made the most of some cruising and carving and scratched out a few things. i'd love to blame it on the pretty crappy park (it is crappy) but really, i felt kind of old and embarrassed. i hereby resolve to not feel like that anymore by making time to shred regularly! seen!

-i am still trying to get the hang of all this parenthood and creative-hood and be-hood. man it's hard sometimes!

-i played music with my friend the other night in front of people. it was a show. we opened for a band another friend started. they are great! and popular! i had that thing where stiffened up in my mind and felt self-conscious and sucked into a whirlpool of negative vibrations and whispers. i then reminded myself that this is why it's ahrd to make things and do them in front of people! this is why it is difficult to offer things unto the universe at times! it is our job to push through these moments and continue to contribute! beside nobody remember and nobody cares! except me because i'll probably be thinking about it when i'm 85 years old and about what i wish i would have done differently so that people would like my music and therefore me. just kidding when i'm 85 i'll have it all figured out and be sitting in a lawn chair looking at something in the distance.