Thursday, February 26, 2015

washington state

handful of seattle bits:

breakfast of champions? anybody?

winner of the "rstoring my faith in bumper stickers in the 21st century" award

catamaran drawing from the art show i did about skateboarding
it is still up at 35th north in capitol hill

we made a board. you can get it at that skateshop above

this was not in the show because i forgot about it under the bed

i made a new friend, felt the weight of it

bag advice

more to come

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

life notes

-i think my child speaks fluent Hamburglar
-nothing in my house is child proofed and we are like two days away from full mobility over here
-that most recent thurston moore record is really good
-i had an art show in seattle and i never even wrote  about it on here
-i designed a poster for a festival i wish i could go to (see above)
-i'm working on updating and redesigning my website (boring)
-the balance of life and work and life is a tightrope, friends, let us help one another
-i want to make a skateboard graphic that is strictly for dads. like a screaming baby that's like the ripper graphic. or like one of those old slime balls ads where rob roskopp is barfing but it's... i don't even know but somebody is barfing.
-there is actually very little barfing going down in our house
-sorry for all the barf writing
-peace to us all

Friday, January 23, 2015


it's late but it's here
like us
2015 touch calendar for touching
included in this calendar are places to feel with your hands and fingers, hear with your hears, sniff with your nose, kiss with your lips, absorb with your forehead and fill wit your mind.
$30 in the SHOP
one color silk screen 18x24 edition of 50
thank you for looking still

Friday, January 16, 2015

new year


-there is a new classic hip hop radio station here in indianapolis. i turned it on the other day and De L Soul's "Me Myself And I" came out of my speakers. i was immediately reminded of a day-glo de la soul t shirt i owned in middle school. i can't believe i ever got rid of that thing. I have since listened to it 2 other times and i've heard "Da Dip" by Freak Nasty at least 3 times. with 20 years or so distance i can now accept that this is an amazing song. people just wanna party and feel good, man. let us dip.
also this video is amazing:

-i am getting ready for the los angeles art book fair at the end of the month. so much to do! printing! my friend aaron and i are planning on making a zine to kill time at the fair completely based on the member from 2 live crew who always had the broken arm. this will also be the basis for our new as yet untitled street wear brand.

-i heard they made a tv show out of "the man in the high castle" my favorite book by philip k dick. i hope it's good. if not, oh well, we still have the book, right? right.

-yes i made a calendar this year but just like most years it is late. i should have it next week. is that ok? i'll let you know when it's ready. we can talk more about it's meaning and purpose later. here is a picture of it. i wish everytime you touched it "da dip" would start playing out of it.
-it's been one year-ish since my son was born and you'll notice my daily posting has dwindled to monthly. i don't know what to say about that. maybe i have less time to just think about stuff and write? maybe i need tom ake more time for that. tell it to the diaper.

-i listen to a lot of steely dan with my son. we call it "uncle dan" and when uncle dan comes to visit we all feel good. it's basically children's music for babies and grown ups who are really just big babies. donald fagen is just a scared little boy inside no matter what he says. but that's cool and  ican relate. the beginning of "gaucho" is the theme song to the sitcom about my life. freeze frames of my computer crashing, of me spilling food all over myself, of me getting the wrong to-go order, of me falling down on the ice.

-let this new year be fille dwith all good things. i am trying to follow my instinct more, to try not to control the things i cannot and to be honest and generous with the things i think and think should be in the world. good luck to us!

Monday, December 15, 2014


the struggles of balancing productivity and parenthood lurk around all corners! i am happy to know that  i am not the first but jeez!

winter is here but i need that spring!

in the very beginning of january i will be in california and i will be going to look at this and just wig out about it for months after.